It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a big one, press releases are important. They are ideal for informing the media and your audience that something new has happened or is about to happen in your company. It could be a product launch, a charity event, change in a board member, hiring of a new CEO, or other.

Nowadays, many companies are involved in the distribution of face masks to first responders. A lot many are offering freebies to health care providers. Several restaurants are offering free meals to doctors and nurses.

All of these are newsworthy activities. Companies involved in such activities during the pandemic can inform the world about their deeds through a well-written press release.

SEO and rankings

Reputable press release sites for SEO see to it that your press release is search engine optimized to increase the chances of high ranking and visibility on major search engines.

Press releases are not limited to paper now. Digital content has opened vast avenues for companies to promote their events and activities through social media platforms and search engine platforms.

However, when you are writing for the digital platform, you need to be particular about keywords. These are the words that hold great power to place your press release on the top position in search engine result pages.


Not all businesses are experts in creating powerful and search engine optimized press releases. You may be skilled in doing business, but it is not necessary that you are skilled in writing a killer press release. This is a different field of expertise. For such businesses, a good press release service comes to the rescue.

The service harbors professional writers skilled in using words that attract the attention of journalists. A press release should be such that a journalist reads it till the end with interest.

The head-turner headline

Headline plays a crucial role in a press release. Fumble in your headline and you miss a great opportunity. No journalist will take the pain to read a press release, if the headline does not interest them.

In fact, “interest” is a mild word here. The headline must create a sense of excitement and ignite such curiosity that the reader is compelled to read your press release until the last word written.

Short headlines, up to usually 160 characters and featuring title case, are more successful in catching the eye than long ones.

Summarize tactfully

The summary paragraph is crucial. It gives a gist of your press release. Tactful construction of sentences can make the reader stay on and read until the end. Keep the paragraph short, up to 4-5 sentences. A good press release service knows the tact to turn your content into the magic that spellbinds journalists.

So, if you are struggling to write a press release, you need not. Experts are available for this task. You can easily hire a writing service at a low cost and expect good results. Most reputable press release sites for SEO offer package services in which they offer writing, editing, and distributing your press release. is one of the high-rated press release sites for SEO. They boast of a wide distribution network. Visit the site and know more about this good press release service.

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