If there is one country that challenges US supremacy, it is Turkey, an example of which was the recent move by the United States to relocate its embassy in Israel to occupied Jerusalem. for.

Turkey does not have a nuclear weapon, but it is still one of the world's great powers. If what is the power of the nation and how powerful Turkey is, we see. By the way, Turkey has less area than Pakistan. The population is also a bit smaller than Pakistan but still, Turkey's biggest strength is its geography. Learn more at soch news.

Turkey has become the gateway to both continents due to the fact that Turkish cities are located at the crossroads of Asia. This geography is so important that both the United States and Russia know that they have camped in Turkey and Turkey has shown its importance in great ways.

Uses from But this geography is also a weakness of Turkey because every year a flood of millions of people from Asia wanting to go to Europe to come to Turkey which poses great economic challenges for Turkey and it thinks that Turkey should stop such migrants. While Turkey does not want to stop them from staying in their country, all three things become a headache.

Surprisingly, the body found in science in 2015 shocked the world. Turkey wants to become a member of the European Union, but its geography is the biggest obstacle that can go without EU citizens. They can travel all over Europe. If the European Union is in control, millions of people from Asia will easily go to Europe every year, so despite Turkey's best efforts, the European Union refuses to make it it's own. Learn more about javascript facts

Economically, Turkey is the world's largest economic power with 8 863 million in jelly. Tourism is the backbone of the economy alone. Seven million people from all over the world come here every year. In addition, cars, electronics, and textiles There is a lot of development in the sector.

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