Divorce is not easy, and most importantly, it's challenging to specify the cost blindly. It is because many factors are there based on which the price is dependent. Deciding to end a relationship is not simple. When you are doing it legally, many aspects are there for consideration, such as hiring a divorce attorney Honolulu, based on which the price will vary. Here are a few elements on which majorly the cost is dependent, and they are:  

  1. Uncontested divorce  

In this aspect, a divorce is termed uncontested before filing a divorce case when parties have already reached an agreement. On the other hand, the other party already has agreed to sign a divorce decree whose documents are prepared by divorce attorney Honolulu. If the other party does not agree with the decision and files a court action, they need to fight it legally. In this aspect, the court fee and attorney fee are the expenses that need to be accounted for.  

  1. Hire different lawyers

A lawyer cannot represent both husband and wife in a divorce case, as it is against the rules. In a case, the client who is initiating the divorce in an uncontested divorce is a plaintiff. On the other hand, the opposite party is a defendant, who signs the divorce decree and does not hire a lawyer, termed a contested divorce. Well, in a contested divorce, there is no payment that you need to pay to the lawyer, but in an uncontested divorce, you need to make a payment.  

  1. Length of divorce 

Determining the divorce length is exceptionally challenging as in an uncontested divorce, it might take 90 days if both the parties have agreed to the issues. However, a contested case with child custody attorney Honolulu would consume a longer time, a year, or more. With that, automatically, the cost of the divorce case increases.  

  1. No-fault divorce 

Earlier, a spouse needs to prove cruelty or adultery by the other spouse. Well, in Hawaii, nothing such things exist as a divorce can be granted without proving the fault. 

Property settlement

The share of property the couple has, which needs to be distributed among them, is also a point worth considering. In some cases, the other counterpart agrees quickly to what the other party has told. But if they do not accept, both the parties need to fight the case in the course. It also comes with a price that both the party needs to pay. 

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