It’s easy to put a value on a home or a car, but I wonder how much of us really put a lot of thought into how much we are worth? I can only speak for myself, and I can honestly say that I have constantly undervalued my own worth. Whether it was jobs I have accepted, or relationships that I have chosen in the past, upon reflection they are clear examples of how little I felt I was worth.

I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show the other day and the guest was Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. There was a clip where she was speaking to Suze Orman about the current state of her financial situation, which wasn’t very good as she was/is on the brink of bankruptcy, if not already there. Suze Orman made the statement that a person’s financial issues are never really about money. She asked “Fergie” what her self-worth was and Fergie’s response, while a bit surprising, was totally relatable: “Where do I get that? Where do I find my self-worth?”

To someone with who holds a high value of themselves, the question above may seem a bit absurd coming from someone who was once married to a Prince and lived in Buckingham Palace. But for those who have struggled with their own worth, they can truly sympathize. How do we determine our value? Is it what we think we are worth to those around us? If that is true, then our value fluctuates like commodities on the stock market. How nerve wracking and complex developing is that? If you have a bad day or get sick, does your value drop? Is our value like that of a home or a piece of jewelry, determined by an appraiser based on how valuable our attributes are to the highest bidder? Not a thought that makes me all warm and fuzzy, that’s for sure!

We determine our worth from within, but many of us have never taken the time to really get to know ourselves never mind figure out our worth. I’m reminded of the L’Oreal commercials with the slogan “because you’re worth it” and think that should be a universal tagline for life. How often do we see things on television or in a store that we would really like to have but tell ourselves that we can’t afford it, or it wasn’t made for “people like me”? If you don’t think you are worth having the best in life (whatever that means to you) does that mean that you don’t want it?

Most would think that’s a silly assumption to make. Who doesn’t want the best in life? But if you don’t think you deserve it because you aren’t rich enough, pretty enough, smart enough or young enough (or whatever reason you’ve told yourself) to experience the best in life, how can you possibly expect to receive it? We have to improve the way we think about and value ourselves in order to start to experience the best that we want in life. When we start to value ourselves, it becomes easier to recognize the value that others in your life have as well. Once that happens, things will start to flow a lot smoother and the things that you and feel you deserve will become more than just pipe dreams, but actual reality.

Affirmations are a great way to work on improving the way you see yourself and your value. Affirm every morning and evening that you are great, that you are a great mother, father, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cook, driver, whatever. You are great at all you do because you are great. You came from greatness, so why wouldn’t you be? I also find mirror work really helps. I do my affirmations in the mirror and when I do my evening affirmations, I also review my accomplishments for the day , a temptation I resisted and I always end it off by looking myself in the eye and saying “I love you”.

Understanding and embracing your infinite self worth isn’t something that happens overnight. It does take work, but the investment in yourself will reap rewards that you can only begin to imagine! New and exciting opportunities will present themselves to you when you acknowledge your intrinsic value and the fact that you deserve the best that life has to offer!

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Sandra Dawes is a Relationship Coach with her own practice - Embrace Your Destiny. The passing of her father inspired a journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment, with many lessons learned that she wants to share with others who have found themselves facing similar challenges. A student of A Course in Miracles, she is also inspired by the teaching of Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, to name a few! Visit for more information.