From 2015 to 2018, almost 80 percent of Google searches were carried out with a mobile device. As more users start surfing the web via a phone or a tablet, the importance of making your website as speedy as possible is becoming increasingly critical. Since desktops are now considered a "minority" of devices, web makers aim to provide the best results for mobile devices. And these results must be optimized not only in the search pages but also for the relevance of content. And so, as part of its ranking algorithm, Google puts more stress on how fast your web pages load. We saw a similar push for mobile optimization when Google gave value to mobile responsive websites. As mobiles are dominating everywhere, the importance of optimized websites is increasing as well. It necessarily doesn’t mean the speed of website matters only on mobiles. Website speed and easy to load webpages help in ranking on first-page faster and easily. Website optimization can be done by CSS Minifier without complicating the whole process.

Before minify CSS, let's understand why and how we can do it?

What is Minify CSS?

The term minify is used to compress CSS file. It removes line breaks, block delimiters, white spaces and other codes that are unnecessary come from the source code. It helps to load website faster and reduces the file size to enhance the performance on devices.

How does it reduce file size?

CSS minifier compresses the size of the file by deleting unnecessary characters while the code remains valid. The browser can read and process it easily as an original file. Basically, this process decreases the amount of code transferred on the web. It reduces the page load time and gives users a better experience.

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Importance of Compressing CSS

Improved website speed is a clear reason to compress CSS. Google found that even half-second delay in search generation leads to a 20 percent decline in traffic. The speed of the site, therefore, affects everything from conversion to the credibility of the brand. Since CSS compressor optimizes a website to increase site load speed, it is worth considering to speed up your website.

Improve Site Speed

Website speed is a major factor in SEO as per recent surveys. Optimized websites rank higher and faster when it comes to organic search results. Websites with reduced size are indexed easily and prompt on first-page of search engines comparatively uncompressed CSS.

Use Reliable Tool

Try to use a reliable minify CSS tool which can combine all the CSS files used on the same website. By this, the number of HTTP requests will be reduced. Use Google Page Speed to check your site's performance before and after CSS compress.

Keep Backup

Always keep a backup of original files. This will enable you to make future changes to CSS in the un-minify files, which you can then re-minify and copy to the compress version.

Why do you need to use Minify CSS?

Like all other computer programs, a web browser does not consider how the language appears that it receives. It doesn't need comments, spacing and other information that a developer creates while making a website. Because the browser does not get benefit from the structure of the source code. The removal of all these spaces makes the file smaller. Because you remove all extra spaces and comments and save up to 30-40 percent, or in some cases even 50% of the file size. So minifying CSS and minify Js saves money and time.

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i am Ahtashaam naveed. i am web designer and developer having 8 years of experience in this field. i love to share ideas that can help to improve user experience.