Anxiety is one of the worst disorders one could be clinically diagnosed with. It impairs the average human being’s ability to take control of their feelings, emotions or thoughts. Sufferers are often extremely quiet, have shattered self-confidence, are extremely critical of themselves, and will often play embarrassing memories in their heads when they should be moving forward. It is not a good situation to be in because the sufferer will never be able to help himself get out of it.

Instead of saying ‘life goes on’ and moving from experience, an anxious person will often dwell on their thoughts and criticize every single thing about themselves. Due to this, the sufferer will also experience bouts of depression as well – which is why it is said that anxiety and depression come hand in hand every single time.

Regardless of how the sufferer of anxiety behaves in social crowds, finding a legitimate way to deal with it is anything but easy. A therapist will often prescribe over the counter medication, anti-depressants, but this is definitely not the healthiest way to deal with the problem at hand.

Antidepressants have a long list of side effects that can be triggered by anything. Not to mention, the quality of sleep and the overall health is greatly compromised. Thus, the surest remedy to deal with anxiety or depression is recreational marijuana.

The Difference Between Marijuana & Antidepressants

Antidepressants have been used for several decades for the purpose of treating, if not curing, psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety. Although these medicines are designed to help the consumer feel happy and better than they felt prior to consumption, it is definitely not safe nor recommended for long-term usage. This is because the human body starts to rely on the medication to feel better, leading the brain to depend on this and not focus on repairing itself. This alone can cause a series of issues and has even led to the suicide of several people.

Recreational marijuana, on the other hand, is a medication that has been frowned upon by several people throughout the years. People are quick to judge the medication and refer to it as a drug that is taken to get "high". However, it is absolutely natural and has magical properties that help heal the human mind and body in terms of calmness and elevation. Jason Washington, former college football player, and cannabis operator have been fighting to highlight these very properties for a long time now.

Moreover, cannabis works by releasing positive vibrations throughout the immune system which helps the consumer feel a lot better about themselves and their lives. This is because they feel more relaxed and calm and are able to silence negative thoughts in their head. Thus, for sufferers of depression and anxiety, marijuana is now known as the best cure and can help sufferers become better almost instantly. For this reason, among many others, marijuana has now been legalized in several cities and states to help the general population enjoy a better life.

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