Infused tea is one of the earliest forms of consumption in the world. Today, now that tea enthusiasm is growing more and more popular all around the world, it only makes sense that cannabis-infused tea is piquing the interest of consumers from patients looking for pain relief or users simply looking to take the edge off. Are you interested to learn about weed tea and how it can affect you? Read on as we talk about cannabis tea more in detail and learn easy recipes you can make at home.

Will Cannabis/Weed Tea Get Me High?

Whether cannabis tea will get you high will depend on the cannabinoid profile in the tea and your body’s reaction to the dosage. Usually, THC-infused weed tea will get you high. The effects are pretty much similar to the kind of high you get when you smoke them, with some effects lasting for up to 8 hours. This is because cannabis takes on a different journey when consumed by drinking. Instead of almost immediately entering the bloodstream like vaping or smoking, the edibles go through the digestive system into the liver. Once it reaches the liver, THC is metabolized into 11-hydroxy which increases the potency of the pot five times.

What is the Dosage in Cannabis Tea?

Dosages vary with every person’s preference and strain consumed. Remember that every person has a different response to cannabis. Thus, determining the correct dose can take some experimentation. To be safe, start with a low amount and slowly build up. If it is your first time trying weed tea, start with half a cup a day. Usually, this amount is considered a relatively safe place to start for newbies. Meanwhile, semi-regular to regular consumers can start with a cup a day. From here, they can increase to two cups every 24 hours. They can consume another cup in 12 hours for a stronger dose.

Tips for the Best Cannabis Tea Recipes

Decarboxylate your cannabis. Although making cannabis tea is easy, it is not entirely effortless. Eating marijuana flowers will not get you high. The raw flower has different cannabinoids, along with THCA. THCA will not produce the same effects as THC, but it can be converted to THC when heated. This chemical process is known as decarboxylation. Although the burnt flower is also suitable, using torched marijuana will need a few more steps to infuse into the tea.

Add cream or milk to the tea . This is more than just flavor. Adding a fat source to your cannabis tea can improve the potency of the drink. Studies have shown that fat-based formulations can enhance cannabinoid absorption two-fold. So unless you cannot consume fat for personal or medical reasons, add some to your tea. Doing so can help deliver a more substantial dose to people who need to address body pains, mental problems, and physical stress.

How Long Does Cannabis Take Effect?

Now that edibles and beverages carry a more potent punch, users need to be prepared before the effects kick in. Weed tea usually takes 30 to 90 minutes to set it. various factors affect onset time. Those with a lower body mass or higher metabolism tend to feel the effects in short order, while a higher body mass or slower metabolism tends to have a slower onset, with some lasting for almost 2 hours.

Once it sets in, the effects can last for up to 8 hours. This makes edibles a top choice for patients with medical conditions like multiple sclerosis. However, newbie adult consumers might not be prepared for its effects. Thus, first-time consumers might want to set up a safe and comfortable environment where they can ride out any unpleasant effects.

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