According to the WHO, this pandemic is not going to end very soon. The entire world is working towards creating a vaccine for COVID -19. It’s already been more than six months that the Hunt for COVID vaccine is on. In this race of creating vaccine Oxford University, has taken lead. The entire world is expecting a vaccine in the next six months’ time, whereas the spread of the virus is continuing with greater trust. Due to the lack of on-ground activations as well as public gatherings many Industries around the world have been suffering. Especially, Industries like travel, event, hospitality taken a major hit. But at the same point in time; when people are not present on the ground, the recent study suggested people are spending a lot of time on the internet. The screen time of individuals has increased drastically. This not only is a sign of change in traditional marketing but it is a sign of new-age marketing. People are using tools like public relations activity, social media activity, Google marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, etc to communicate with their target audience.

Why PR activity has become more important never before?
PR activity is a way to create brand reach to the target audience. It is not only about creating the brand reach, but it also helps creates brand credibility. Public relations activities consist of many tools. Or simply we can understand that every medium which helps brands to reach to audience’s, comes under PR activity.

The best part of PR activity is, it is not that expensive. Generic PR activity is much cheaper than the conventional way of advertising. Whereas PR activity certainly reaps benefits for the brand. We have at corporate created Mini success stories off the brand.

If you look at the entrance of public relations in the world of marketing, it happened in the early 20th century. Hence the public relations industry in India is not that old. Many people in India are still not aware of the functionality as well as Deep Impact of public relation exercise.

But lately, as people started getting to know about public relations, it became popular amongst the startup world. Any startup benefit of public relation activities and Dam not only meet the brand image but also help them To become in front of the VCs. Therefore It helped them in securing funds.

Hence, with the above given example, we can understand that public relations are tools that can generate brand equity in the Target market.
What can you expect from a public relations activity?
The primary goal of any public relation activity b should be brand awareness.

Brand awareness helps the brand To create curiosity amongst the target group.

Hence to creates curiosity, it takes time Ford public relations exercise Tu shows the impact of D exercise.
Whereas it is is being said that marketing activity that you are planning to start, you should always keep it for a brief period to create an impact.

Public relations is a tool of communication with a mass. Hence it is one of the most effective tools that are available in marketing.
A good PR company will always be able to create long-lasting brand equity.

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