Field service work remains an integral part of many businesses. And being a vital component, it has also changed quite a bit over the years. But even with all innovative solutions implemented in fieldwork for monitoring and managing systems and equipment, the requirement for field technicians to set things in order remains intact.
Field Service Management (FSM) software manages to provide a solution in the prospects of effective field operations to a significant level. These applications can significantly help you in tracking the various field operations of your company by assisting in customer data inventory, automobile tracking, automated scheduling, among other things, providing you with enhanced visibility and control of your entire field assets.
Moreover, while integrated with the existing ERP software of your company, FSM applications can efficiently automate accounting, invoicing, and other financial arrangements.

IoT benefits in FSM
With the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation in the Field Service Management software system, the potential and efficiency of the field service technicians are remarkably enhanced.
FSM software allows IoT and the sensors to inform you about any problem in assets and automatically sends it to the field technician of respective expertise. The technician then visits the site of the problem and fixes it effortlessly.
So how does the integration of IoT change the aspects of FSM? Here are some examples that will allow you to understand the IoT benefits in different industries.

Benefits of IoT for Oil and Gas Field Workers
Oil and Gas industry demands field technicians for physical presence in, particularly dangerous situations. For instance, field workers in petroleum plants, natural gas processing plants, and chemical refineries are asked to deal with hazardous flare stacks. Naturally, the field workers have to go through elaborate processes of safety protocols to work near an open flare stack.
But with IoT integrated FSM software, the risk of unnecessary physical involvements near the flare stacks is reduced. The IoT sensors ensure that the field technicians and workers only visit the flare stacks in times of actual maintenance requirement. The entire system not only decreases danger but also reduces downtime to a great extent.

Benefits of IoT for Wastewater Management Workers
Wastewater treatment and management is a fast-evolving industry worldwide. With the increase in demand for usable water, the requirement of field workers for treatment plants have also magnified. But the job as a field worker in a water treatment plant can be quite hazardous. The field workers are required to continuously check for clogs, flaws in processing, sample quality checking, and even manual cleaning.
FSM software integrated with IoT sensors considerably contributes to the enhanced productivity of the workers, and also reduces downtime in not-so-hygienic conditions. The strategically placed sensors alert operators and technicians for exact locations of damages and leaks that need to be checked or amended.

Benefits of IoT or Field Healthcare Professionals
Field professionals of the healthcare industry rely entirely on critical data of patients to provide the best possible services and care. Immediate access to patient data is extremely necessary, especially when patients require to change facilities.
FSM software allows health professionals like doctors and nurses to acquire required data from a single dashboard connected to medical devices through wireless connections. IoT utilizes the data from these connected devices to automatically provide predictive insights into the medical situation. The field professionals effectively use these immediate insights to offer world-class medical services, and majorly improves the patients' situations.

How can FieldEZ help you with IoT integrated FSM software?
FieldEZ offers seamless end to end solutions for Field Service Management. Through their expert IoT integrated platform for FSM software, FieldEZ can significantly enhance the overall performance and productivity of your company's fieldwork. FieldEZ provides your business with all the required insights that drive the work potential of your field technicians to a great level.
The easy-to-use mobile FSM software ensures technician visibility, appropriate utilization of technician expertise, and quick response. With FieldEZ’s mobile FSM software, you can optimize and regulate your field operations within less time and using less money.

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