From when we were small children we had to conform to our parents beliefs, or the religion they believed in, or our environment. And as we grew older we then had to conform to our schools disciplines, and then the politics of our job and again our environment and whatever was going on at the time. All of these belief systems have taken over and we became ‘socially networked’ in whatever we have been told, in other words we have become systematic to those old messages and we haven’t thought to change them.

It didn’t occur to us that we can change our thoughts and freely choose what we want to believe. The majority of us have allowed those old programs to keep playing and then we wonder why our life doesn’t change!

Because we do this methodically our routine doesn’t change. Regardless, life is offering us a way to combat those old thought systems by changing the program. However, it won’t change until we start to change our thoughts from negative to positive. We all have many complaints and that is because we didn’t agree with the way our life was controlled, and still is being controlled by that old belief system that was placed there for us.

When we become awake to this new thought system we become inspired, and when we are inspired it is easier to change those old messages of lack and limitation. We understand clearly that we deserve something better in our life and we start to see the changes that are constantly showing up, those same changes that we were oblivious to prior. The more positive thoughts we think the more good stuff turns up for us. We actually attract abundance to us in place of lack and limitation.

Have Faith and Believe. Think positive and meditate your desires into your life. The Universe loves you and wants you to have your desires now. Use the power of your subconscious and let it lead you to the pathway that you want to travel. It is how we direct our thoughts that hold the answers to our lives true purpose. Pamela Hamilton Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy- -

The truth is we have never been limited beings, and now more than ever since the beginning of our existence, we are identifying with this new thought system. How wonderful is that?

And we do this through a powerful law called The Law of Attraction.

Many of us have heard of this law but few are even coming close to truly understanding its vast power. This law creates worlds, it created the Universe and it governs you and I. This law is summoning all cooperative parts to it. So what this means is what thoughts we send out is what we attract back to us, like a spinning boomerang it never fails us, it always returns to us. So if we constantly put out negative thoughts the Law of Attraction can only reciprocate negative situations, people or places. This is what we are summoning to us. We ask and it is given.

We are all valuable beings, every single one of us, there is no exception to this. Despite this fact, many of us don’t see our own value, we don’t see our worth, and because of this we feel undeserving of these gifts that we were born to receive. And when we feel undeserving we build up a resistance and this resistance keeps these gifts of abundance from us. So our first gift to ourselves is to love ourselves and see ourselves as being deserving and entitled to all the great gifts that life offers us, and we do this by changing our thoughts.

In mine and W.T’s book Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy- -we have written in detail ways to guide you to make the changes you need, which will bring you to the life of your desire. We have used these ways to change our own lives and have delved into our own psyche to change our thoughts which we now share with you in our book. Daily, W. T and myself are seeing life altering events take place with people, places and situations and are always amazed. It is so much fun!

“There are no failures. You will never fail in this great task. Remember you are a perfect mental creature of the Universe. Regardless of the choices you have made in life, regardless of the undesirable paths you may have taken, regardless to what you may think of you – the Universe Loves You, and will always Love You from now until Eternity.” Pamela Hamilton

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Pamela Hamilton is the co-author of Your Invincible Power series of books and the Vice President of Your Invincible Power Company- - We have created a series of books to help understand and use the Law of Attraction in everyday situation.

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