I was thinking a lot about ideals lately. We all have them and for some of us, they represent a deeper sense of what we really want from life. These perfected pictures of what life ‘should’ be can sometimes impact people’s decisions, opinions, and plans. But, far too often, I see so many people chasing these ideals without ever reaching them.What’s the point of ideals if they’re not really improving your life? How do they fit into your current reality?

What Does It Look Like?
Let’s think about your most cherished ideals for a moment. Which ideals do you envision for your community, your family and yourself? Some people think about the ideal figure (Although the reason why so many people focus on that particular ideal and why it drains your energy is a topic for a different blog!)
Anyway, if you had to pick one ideal, what would it be? Do you picture the ideal career, spouse, or house? Perhaps you think about what an ideal society should look like or what an ideal mother is.
Out of all these ideals, which would you say is your most cherished one? What is the main thing that you strive for each day? Although it might be tough, pick the ONE ideal that stands out above the rest. Make sure to answer this question to really enjoy the ride. I’m about to take you on :)
I’ll share some of the ones that come up often during sessions with clients. Someone told me “I want to live happy”. Someone else said “I want to have an amazing job”. You might relate and think “Yes, I get it- that’s my ideal too!”
Sharpen The Picture
The sad part about these ideals is that they are too limited for your brain to grasp and, as a result, are doomed to fail. While the words are positive and uplifting, your subconscious brain has no real clue what to do with such a narrow thought. Phrases like “I want to live happy”, or “I want to have an amazing job” are not exact or precise enough for your subconscious to work with. If your subconscious brain does not receive clear instructions detailing an exact picture of what you want to achieve, it is unable to provide your conscious brain with the right ideas and opportunities. It will also be unable to help you notice the little things in life that lead you towards your ideal.
Let’s look at both examples. When someone tells me, “I want to live happy” and “I want to have an amazing job”, my first question is: what, for YOU, is a happy life? What does an amazing job look and feel like for you? These “simple” questions are surprising to hear for many. They often get stuck and don’t know how to respond. Usually they’ll say things like: “That’s weird, I’ve never asked myself this question in depth. I thought it was clear to me, but now I realize it’s not.” This has nothing to do with intelligence. It is all about their deeply rooted emotions and beliefs that inhibited them from creating a detailed and clear picture.
To reach your goals you need to be specific. If you’re not exact, than you will not reach your ideal; not in a million years. Your brain will never make the needed connections to help you realize an ideal if it does not receive detailed information and words that describe even the smallest element of exactly what you’re looking for.
Just go back to the Ideal you picked out for yourself. Ask yourself what does this ideal mean in detail for me? What standard does it have to meet?
Let’s stick to our example: “I want to live happy”.
What does that mean for you physically and emotionally?
Where do you want to live?
Do you want to live in your current residence, a different city or even another state or country?J
What kind of work would you like to do?
Do you want to have friends around you and if so what are the specific criteria for these friends?
These and many other details are needed in order for your subconscious to make your ideals a reality.

Watch It Come To Life
As you can tell, there a lot of specifics, but it’s sooo worth it to become aware of them. Once you define what it is you want in detail, your subconscious can make you aware of the smallest opportunities that you normally wouldn’t even notice had you kept your ideal too narrow. The more detailed the image of your ideal is, the easier and faster it is for your subconscious brain to catch the signals in your surroundings that will help you to get where you want to be.
If you are on a mission to realize your ideal you need to envision every detail clearly to make it happen.
Becoming aware of the details of your ideal might lead to a surprising new outcome.
Your overall (narrow) ideal might be clear to you but it is never set in stone. Does that mean you can’t reach it? Of course you can. You will reach YOUR ideal situation, an ideal that fits you best. It can change course once you have all the details clear. By filling in all the details of what exactly it is you want and in what time frame, you’ll be setting a clear goal and direction. Now your subconscious is on high alert and will give you the right and most effective input.
Not having a detailed clear image of what you want does one thing for sure: It won’t allow you to reach your ideal and you will get frustrated, disappointed and discouraged. Dealing with many clients in my practice taught me one thing very clearly: The people that have a clear detailed image of their ideals make that ideal a reality!

Break Through The Barriers
On the other hand, there are others that continue holding on to narrow ideals. They don’t do that because they like it or to disappoint themselves for not achieving it. They do it for a whole different reason; a reason of which they are not aware. Keeping yourself busy and therefore focused on a narrow, non-detailed, “ideal” keeps your brain occupied. In Progressive Mental Alignment we call this a ritual of your friend mechanism part 1 and part 2 Blog. They use it only as a distraction to avoid inner conflicts and don’t actually believe they’ll ever reach it. Curious about how that works and why they do that? Well, that’s a topic for a whole different blog.
For now you should KNOW that your ideals are completely achievable when you actually begin to make the changes and clarify your ideals, including all the details. By doing that your ideals WILL become reality, then you’ll open up your world in unbelievable ways.
You’ll be able to connect on new levels, and meet the powerful prospect of opportunity beyond anything you thought possible. Start to see your dreams come true before your eyes!

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