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If you currently have any health condition, or if you want to help prevent any type of future health problem, it’s URGENT that you optimize your gut! Balancing and improving the vast number and variety of beneficial microorganisms in and on your body can dramatically boost your MOOD, immune system and overall health. I continually get reports and witness miraculous health changes that come from utilizing dietary changes, fermented foods and very high-quality probiotics! Some of the new research being conducted focuses on relationships between stress, mood disorders, and gastrointestinal disease. Depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders are just of few of the more common problems that have been closely linked to intestinal problems.

Researchers have known for a long time about the “gut/brain axis,” or the direct connection to the brain by way of the 10th cranial nerve. But for some reason, they have always focused on the impact the brain can have on the gut—or control from the “top down.” Even the pharmaceutical companies quickly realized that more than 50 percent of those individuals with irritable bowel syndrome also just happen to have mood disorders. This is why antidepressants are some of the most common pharmaceutical treatments for irritable bowel syndrome. (J Psychiatry Neurosci 09;34(3):230–231)

For years I have known that there is a neurological connection between the gut and the brain—and that you can treat the brain with antidepressants and see improvement in bowel problems. It’s a two-way street between the brain and the gut. If you change one area, it makes a difference in the other.

Finally, in working with gut disorders for many years, I have seen major improvements in digestive symptoms AND in concomittent emotional disorders such as: anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, even schizophrenia! Just recently, studies proving that mood disorders can be controlled by normalizing the bacteria in the bowels.

You know of course about the many of the obvious factors, such as the overuse of antibiotics and other drugs that destroy the body’s bacterial flora. Unfortunately, there are many others you cannot really control such as chlorine in public drinking water and instituted pasteurization, gassing, radiation, and the addition of various chemicals to stop bacteria growth in our food products to increase shelf life. The steps taken to eliminate pathogens in our food also happen to destroy the beneficial bacteria as well. One of the culprits the public hasn’t been told about is the artificial sweetener sucralose (sold as Splenda). Studies reveal that Splenda reduces the beneficial bacteria in the intestines by 50 percent. (J Toxicol Environ Health A 08;71(21):1415–1429)

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