Ship recycling industry is even bigger than you think. The ship recycling industry is responsible for more than thousands of jobs in India ship breaking yards alone. Recycling of ships can be an energy-efficient, sustainable way of saving the marine ecosystem when done correctly, but when done incorrectly it can have serious negative impacts on the environment and workers as well.

Responsible ship recycling has grown rapidly in countries like ship breaking yards in Turkey which are making efforts to ensure all the ships are being recycled responsibly and the process is done within a valuable code of conduct. Now almost all the ship breaking yards in India, ship breaking yards in Turkey, cash buyer of ships, and even other ship scrap yards in the world have pledged to do everything possible to reduce the carbon footprint while the vessel is being recycled and ultimately play a part in reducing marine pollution and help make the world cleaner.

You might think that recycling of ships is a good thing. You are absolutely right. But how is green ship recycling done on ship scrap yards helping the environment? That is what we are going to look at in this article. You will find out how green ship recycling is helping the marine ecosystem and why all the other Indian ship breaking yards, Turkish ship breaking yards, cash buyers, etc, should follow this path for a greener world.

- Recycling the ships responsibly eliminates the number of accidents like fire hazards, explosions, and more, which risks the life of workers at ship scrap yards. One of the most useful points of recycling the ships is the reduced greenhouse effect and extraction of raw materials from the earth. This reduction in the emission of greenhouse gas is because of the less energy consumption while scrapping the vessel to extract iron ore which is way lesser when iron ore is extracted naturally. Moreover, the need of cutting down forests to extract raw materials is reduced which also helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

- Ship breaking yards in India are connected with various industries in the second-hand goods market that buy scrap vessels to manufacture refurbished goods. This, in turn, supports below the poverty line people to make money and also helps in boosting the Indian economy on a large scale. Ship breaking yards in Turkey follow the same process as well to reduce the need of extracting raw materials. Therefore, the parts extracted by recycling of ships are utilized by the steel industries working to refurbish the materials and make them into something reusable like poles, taps, rods, and more which are then sold in the second-hand market.

- Responsible ship recycling and ship breaking is a process whereby obsolete ships are dismantled for usable ship parts and materials. It involves ship recycling, which means breaking up a ship for scrap metal. Therefore, experienced cash buyers like Best Oasis go through all the processes like is the vessel safe or not before handing over the vessel to the recycler to prevent the release of any hazardous material into water bodies.

Ship recycling is one of the most fascinating ways to help the environment. Instead of letting a ship simply rust away and pollute our land, ship breaking yards in India, or shipbreaking in Turkey, cash buyers, and other ship scrap yards in the world are finding better ways to give these vessels a new life by recycling the ships responsibly.

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