If you are even a little familiar with the law of attraction then you know just how important gratitude is in allowing it to work for you (rather than against you). The blockbuster movie "The Secret" mentioned over and over again how gratitude is so important in regards to the law of attraction; the creator of "The Secret" herself, Rhonda Byrne, even wrote a whole book on the importance of gratitude called "The Magic". But just why is gratitude so important? And how can it become a daily part of your life and help "speed up" the law of attraction? Keep reading to find out.

The law of attraction states that what you put out is what you get back, or "like attracts like". The vibrations you send out into the universe via your thoughts, feelings, and actions will attract back to you people, circumstances, and events that match those vibrations. Simply put, think and feel negatively and more negative things and events will come to you. On the opposite and much more preferable way, think and feel positively and more positive circumstances and people will be attracted to you. Here is exactly why gratitude is so important! When you are thinking and feeling grateful do you feel good or bad? Good of course! And as we all know feeling good is the most important aspect of the law of attraction. Feeling good = attracting good.

When you are in a state of gratitude you are engaging in among the highest vibrations one can experience. You are in effect stating to the universe "I love my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" and the universe in turn delivers more people, circumstances, and events about which to feel grateful. It really is just that simple.

Here is a great way to feel grateful on a daily basis: start your own gratitude journal and before going to bed each and every night write down five things you are grateful for, really feeling the gratitude for each and every thing. Take it a step further and start another gratitude journal for future things to be grateful for. This is another great way to engage the law of attraction in a positive way- and it's fun too! Write down a few things that you want to have happen in the future but as if it has already happened and you're so grateful for it. For example, if you want to attract your ideal partner, in your future journal you would write something like "I am so happy and grateful to have found my ideal partner! We have such a wonderful relationship that is so fulfilling and joyful; thank you universe (or God, All That Is, etc)!" Have fun with this! Keep in mind always that the more often and more intensely you feel good the better and faster the law of attraction WILL deliver to you all that you desire and more! Happy manifesting! :)

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