What comes to your mind first when the word AMAZON is mentioned? Yes, you’re right-online shopping it is! However, before the internet, Amazon was just a river. There was no such thing called internet shopping. Can you imagine that???
Let’s take a quick peek into the world before & after the internet became the new norm

Once upon a time….

Does anyone remember what life was like before the Internet? Was life less busy and more enjoyable in the Pre-internet Age? Most people who have experienced it agree to that. They remember the days as less stressful and more outgoing.
Earlier people would go out shopping, to meet friends, to the library, to celebrate and so much more. There was no option to order anything online. So, if you needed something, if you felt like socialising, going out was your only choice. Interpersonal direct interaction was higher during the Pre-internet times as texting was not an option.
School teachers and the library were the most important aspects of student life. There were no other means of deriving information. You had to dig deep into various textbooks to gain insights. Reading was mandatory for students as this was the best way to open their minds to a world full of possibilities.

The cinema halls and movie theatres were those special places where you got together with loved ones and enjoyed watching movies. This was a treat to many after several days of routine work-home duties. The songs drizzling off the radios were so soothing and mind-blowing, mainly because getting to hear your favourite song was rare.
The circus, the roadshows, the Christmas carols had a special charm as it was seen occasionally. People ventured out of their cosy homes to find delight and stay entertained.

Time for a break!

To bring you back from the pre-internet reminisce, let’s go through some statistics. We bring certain facts to your attention which is backed up by a thorough 4-year extensive study by Pew Internet Project.
92% of users use the internet for acquiring day to day information
85% of users interact with others with the help of the internet
75% of users conduct everyday transactions via the internet
69% of users stay entertained daily with various platforms on the internet

After The Internet Revolution

Welcome to the fast-paced smart world! Here we are going to look into how the internet has changed our everyday life.


Online learning is the accepted form of education now. There is an online course for almost every course. People have endless resources of information, the main tool being Google Search and the likewise. Consider any field you need to gain further knowledge, the internet has it all. The whole world is an open school without any discrimination -geographical or age-wise. Anyone anywhere can gain access to the required information.

Interpersonal relations

Staying in touch has become so much easier now. Though your family and friends are scattered across the globe, smart internet technology has made instant communication possible. There are no longer long delays in receiving posts or having to wait after booking trunk calls to hear the voice of your loved ones. Today the technology is so advanced that it is possible to view live streaming of events that formerly you would miss out on.
The whole world has been brought closer with a single click. With the pandemic, can you even imagine how you would have survived without the internet? Seeing your loved ones even from long distances and remaining in close connection is possible only with the advent of the internet and its advanced technology.

Business & Economy

The world economy survives because of the internet. It was one of the key driving forces behind business transactions during the pandemic. There was no other way that businesses could hold on during the lockdowns.

Financial transactions, HR management, policymaking, virtual meetings, employee coordination and so many factors that bring an organisation on the path of productivity enhancement is now possible even if the employees are scattered over the globe. Every possibility of expansion can be explored and researched without interruptions due to the advanced technology in place.

While most companies agree that the Pre-internet business world functioned based on trust and long-term connections, today’s business world has to provide more leverage for taking up risky transactions. Data security breaches and financial fraud have higher occurrence rates as most transactions are online. Handling sensitive consumer data also requires extra attention.
While the world economy is strengthened by the effective utilisation of the internet, business owners have also realised the importance of using e-commerce to their best advantage. With the internet available at the click of fingertips, consumers are finding it extremely convenient to order their requirements online. This meets the purpose of the customer as well as the business.


The possibilities of the entertainment world in the post-internet era are unimaginable. It becomes impossible to even imagine a world of entertainment without the internet. We have DTH connections via satellite which bring every form of music, cinema, sports, talk shows etc right to our homes.

The inception of OTT platforms has indeed transformed the lives of viewers. Is there any show or movie that subscribers cannot watch at home these days? Hardly any! People are never out of shows to watch at any given time. Be it any genre, you simply sit on your couch and let yourself drown in the endless menu of non-stop excitement.

See You Soon…
We can only conclude this article by saying with conviction that each era had its pros as well as cons. Moving forward with technological change is what we have to do. Take the pros and use them wisely!

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