An alarming number of people across the world are intrigued by pain in the lower back, and around 70 to 85% people have suffered from lower back pain at some or the other point of time in their lives. For people who are younger than 45, pain in lower back is the most common cause of activity restriction.

In most cases, back pain is not a serious condition as its underlying causes are not chronic or severe. But it afflicts a large percentage of Americans and influences their everyday activities. Around half of the working population of America has to put up with pain in the lower back every year.

Cumulative yearly expenditure on treatment for pain in the lower back in U.S. exceeds $50 billion, while many conditions of back pain go unidentified or undiagnosed.

Diet, Posture and Ergonomics - Some of the Best Ways to Tackle Pain in the Lower Back

Back pain smites many of us and is an undeniable cause of concern. But in most cases, it only takes some minor changes in diet and everyday lifestyle to overcome all troubles associates with the same. Maintaining a healthy weight, making sure that we consume a healthful diet and taking regular exercise, while avoiding extended activity or bed rest are some ways to avoid back pain. Similarly, ensuring a proper posture and an ergonomic workstation are also basic precautionary measures to prevent occurrence of back pain.

We could start by making sure that we do not stress our back and for everyday activities like lifting something. When we lift, we should lift with our knees by keeping the object close to our body, and avoid bending the spine.

Topical Treatments, One of the Most Effective Options Available For Back Pain Treatment

When one scans the options available for lower back pain treatment, one finds topical treatments to be one of the most viable and yet highly effective choices available at our disposal. Topical treatments are easy to use, and yet highly effective for rendering relief from pain and discomfort in minimum time.

A very common belief, even a few years back used to be that when we consider topical treatments, the most effective part of the same is the manual massage, which helps one overcome the pain. But in actual practice, this is not the case.

One can find a host of topical treatments, each of which is highly effective for enabling one to overcome pain and discomfort from various types of body aches, even treatment for pain in the lower back.

And when one goes for a topical treatment which is herbal, it can have long lasting consequences for lower back pain treatment, not just in terms of relieving pain, but also for healing the joints.

An Herbal Remedy for Lower Back Pain Treatment

When one goes for an herbal remedy for lower back pain treatment or any other joint pain, one can be rest assured that the chances of occurrence of any side effects, like inflammation of skin or allergic reactions are minimal. A topical treatment would work effectively towards re-energizing the ailing joint, and also healing the damaged part of joints.

Correspondingly, availing a topical treatment is much better than choosing to go for surgery, which would involve a permanent alteration of the bone structure and would have some risk factors associated with the same as well. In the same way, by going for a topical treatment, one is in a position to avoid the feeling of nausea and drowsiness which sometimes are a part of consuming pills and tablets.

Sandhi Sudha Plus is a 100% herbal remedy which is highly effective for all types of joint pain, including lower back pain treatment.

Maneuvering of joints may be restricted and they can become rigid as a result of old age, injuries, wrong posture or obesity. Sandhi Sudha Plus imparts relief from pain and discomfort in joints and also restores their strength and functionality. With regular usage, Sandhi Sudha Plus makes joints stronger over time.

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