Driving under the influence of alcohol is an immoral act that kills. It is also illegal and comes with a penalty that depends on the problems you have caused by it. This article discusses how a DUI and its charges can affect you. The goal of this discussion is to spread awareness and make our readers think before they do anything foolish. This would allow you to see things from a different perspective, and then many of us might be able to understand how serious this matter is.

Even today, over 1.4 million people are caught driving under the influence of alcohol or other toxic substances every year just in the United States. This shows that people don’t quite understand how grave an impact it could have on their and others’ lives. We should always avoid such acts and make sure that no one else we know does this – at least in our presence.

You Could Die

Driving under the influence could literally kill you. If that doesn’t stop someone from this, one really needs to go see a therapist. Life is precious, and you get only one of it. There might be some troubling times in your life, but that’s what makes it so amazing and colorful. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate little happiness if you don’t see bad times. As they say, you wouldn’t know the value of light if you hadn’t seen dark.

You might think that you are a great driver and you can easily pull off driving while you are a little drunk. But that’s exactly what millions of other people who thought who caused themselves others harm. Our vehicles are very powerful and run at a speed that is too much for a human being. Even hitting something at an average speed could have a devastating effect on your body.

You Could Kill

If you don’t value your own life and consider it an adventure, you should at least think about other innocent beings. Why should others have to pay the price for your adventure? The above-mentioned stat was just the ones that were arrested. It is anticipated that over 111 million adults drive while they are impaired by alcohol. While hitting something could kill you, you should also think about what you could hit.

You could end up hitting some kids who were just playing. Most people drive drunk at night when they are returning from bars and pubs. It might be night time, but a lot of people come out at night. Just by hitting someone, you could destroy the lives of his entire family. Someone might be responsible for his old parents and young kids. Think about them how your one little mistake could cause something so big.

It Will Go on Your Record

There are police officers everywhere on duty to catch people who are driving under the influence of toxins. Sooner or later, you will be caught. If someone felt like you were driving while impaired, he would call the police and report you with your vehicle number and model. When you are arrested and it is proven that you were, in fact, driving under the influence, a report will be filed against you. This charge goes into your record that stays in the record forever. There will definitely be another penalty, but that would be temporary. This charge in your record is there for life, and all your future employers can see it. It will be proof that you are not a responsible person.

There Could be Criminal Charges

One might think that DUI is a minor charge that doesn’t mean much, but it leads to criminal charges – and it’s more common than one can guess. There is one penalty for driving drunk and there are others for the damages you have caused during this period. For example, you will be charged with murder if you killed someone while driving in that condition. Furthermore, there could be serious charges even if you didn’t hit anyone but you keep repeating your actions.

Criminal charges are taken more seriously than any other crime. They are followed by huge fines and many years in prison. It literally means your life will stop right where it is. You will have to leave your job and family and spend the rest of your life in a new closed world that is full of bad people and very strict rules.

There is a Fine

Even if there are no criminal charges, the fine for DUI is more than enough to make you worry. The judge looks at your network before deciding any number. It means that even rich people can’t easily get away with a DUI charge. You will have to pay a significant amount that will at least disrupt your life. And this is in the case if you caused no harm and were caught before anything could happen. On top of all that, lawyers in California are not exactly cheap. You also can’t ignore the cost of an Orange County DUI Lawyer who will get you out of this trouble. Remember, it would be a lot cheaper to get a cab back home when you are not in the condition to drive.

You Might be Sent to Rehab

Although it’s more of a favor than a punishment, you could be sent to a center for rehab until you get better. This would ensure that you no longer have any drinking problem and are in full control of yourself. You might hate it, but it is for the best. It will do you good and the society if you improve yourself. There will, however, be one problem that you won’t be able to continue your job during these days. If you don’t want to go the rehab, the alternative might land you in prison.

You will Lose Your License

It goes without saying that you will lose your license if you are caught driving drunk. If it’s your first time, you might be set free with a warning and a fine. However, if the judge feels that your behavior needs to be improved for some reason, he will take away your license for a set period of time. If you continue to repeat the same actions, they will cancel your license permanently.

It means you will never be able to drive again. If you are caught driving without a license, you will end up in prison. This is just the best-case scenario when you are caught driving in a bad situation. Losing your license could also significantly impact your job and personal life.

Auto Insurance Prices Go Way Up

Auto insurance is mandatory in 49 of the 50 states. It is enforced by the government and is considered just as important as a driving license. It is accepted that accidents are inevitable when you are driving, so you should be able to at least afford the cost of your own vehicle and the other vehicle you damage. It is confirmed that you can pay for the damages when you have insurance. If you have even a single DUI in your record, you will see the prices of auto insurance go way high for you.

Insurance companies are doing business, and they just want a reason to increase prices. A DUI in your record shows that you are not a responsible driver and very likely to meet an accident. So, they charge you high premiums, so they would cover the cost of damages when you hit something.

Trouble Getting a Job

If you have a DUI or any other charge in your record, you will have difficulty finding a job. These things are public record and all employers can see if you have a dark past. It becomes their responsibility if they hire a criminal without doing a background check. They want the best and most responsible person for their jobs. If you have a DUI, you will see a mistrust in the eyes of your potential employers. It is safe to say that you at least won’t be their first choice.

DUI Affects Your Relationships

It has been seen that people with DUI charges have trouble with their relationships. While the impact on professional life is anticipated and easily understandable, most people don’t get how it could affect their relationships. First thing, you will be reliable on others when you need them to drive you around because you got your license canceled. You will start to see problems in domestic matters when you can’t get a job or you are spending money on legal issues instead of spending on the family.

Courts are Not Easy

There is a reason why no one wants to go to courts. These proceedings are very difficult and can impact the entire life of a person who is not mentally strong. If it’s a simple case where the mistake is clear and there is no need to prove anything, you will get it easy. However, lawyers would take out evidence and arguments to prove so many bad things about you that will hurt your feelings. It’s, after all, not uncommon for people to get angry or cry during these proceedings.

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