In our book Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy- - I spoke about my work in Family Services, which was a great eye opener for me. I was deeply moved by the parents that struggled with life through wrong choices, the consequences were great and their children were taken away.

Those parents believed that the circumstances were beyond their control and grappled to understand why this had happened to them. All had their story, and with each family we, the access workers, were drawn to them to a certain degree and they to us. Of course doing a job that was so wrapped up in rules and regulations certainly limited most of our association with them to kindness at its best, which tied our hands to help them any further than our job required.

What I have learned since then is that following a path that moves us to step out of that so called ‘Box’ that we have become comfortable in can lead us to a life that we choose instead of one that is dictated to us. We all have a choice to do this.

Dr. Wayne Dyer demonstrated this to such an extensive degree. He left the foster system he grew up in to become the successful Doctor, Professor, Author and Spiritual Teacher that he is today.

Through him I came to understand self-pity and attachment does not serve us in anyway, whether for ourselves or others. This doesn’t necessarily mean not to care for another’s plight in life, but it is far more helpful to encourage them to find their way out of the box they have become accustomed to.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a foster child for most of his childhood. I have been around foster children for quite some time, and was fortunate to have one stay with me for awhile. I know the struggles of many foster children and could see lost hope, and a life of rejection in their young eyes, this belief of abandonment rippled down from their parents and was unwillingly bestowed upon them. Ultimately, these parents and children have become the effects of a broken system, a system that ignores the cause.

How was Dr. Wayne Dyer able to break out of the box?

He believed that he could. He didn’t allow the conditions of a broken system dictate to him. He didn’t listen to people that said he couldn’t do what he believed he could do. He didn’t allow people to predict his future. He never gave into self-pity, he pushed every button that a loving Universe offered and went through the door when it opened. This is what stepping out of the box in all of its entirety means.

Being comfortable with undesirable circumstances or situations shows that you have an attachment with it. Attachments are hard to let go. We show our attachment to material things constantly but we don’t always see our attachments to circumstances. If the circumstance feeds a need we become attached to it and once we are it becomes comfortable and hard to break. Attachment is fear based and the way to let go is to understand that you can live and breathe just as easily without it, as you did before it shown itself in your life.

“Your attachments are the source of all your problems. The need to be right, to possess someone or something, to win at all costs, to be viewed by others as superior–these are all attachments. The open mind resists these attachments and consequently experiences inner peace and success.”

Dr. Wayne Dyer (10 Secrests for Success and Inner Peace)- -

I now realize that most people live in some sort of comfort zone. Even when this external world sends us unpleasant situations, there are countless people who accept this, and live with the unwanted situation without being aware, and are comfortable with it. However, Dr. Wayne Dyer was able to move past all circumstances and situations this external world placed before him, and regardless, he was able to move forward taking what was his, love and harmony. He is evidence that we do not have to allow this external world to dictate how we should live.

He was able to prove without a doubt that life is under our control. We do have choices and we also can change whatever choices we have made previously and make new harmonious decisions. We are never stuck with what we have. We are never chained to unwanted outcomes because life is movement, and change, it never stays the same.

The Universe is waiting for you to make those changes, it supports you with those changes. Stepping out of the box is what you were meant to do. What we are all meant to do. We do this with love and trust and then, like Dr. Wayne Dyer, we will be the change that we were meant to be.

Take a step out of the box and detach yourself from the life you now have. You’ll see supreme possibilities of what life can give to you. Be open minded, believe in the world within you and make the change. You will never regret it.

“When you detach from the outcome, you’re at peace, and you’ll ultimately see the fruits of your conviction.”
Dr. Wayne Dyer (10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace)- -

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