Tennis is a calorie-crushing sport that is revered amongst those aiming for fitness through recreational mediums. It places a major focus on rapid and dynamic movements. There are explosive shots involved which send ripples across your body. Tennis begs for agility in its players because of the foot movements, the sprinting and the constant action which does not give you a minute’s rest. You simply cannot stand in one place. Endurance is so vital that it cannot be stressed upon enough.

All of these qualities are something any viewer will be able to see when they watch the world's top athletes obliterate 140mph serves and smack balls that zoom down the line on the court. They all sport powerful frames which transparently depict the hours that they spent in high-intensity training studios and dance-cardio sessions. All so that they can play the best part that they can when the time comes to perform. They even take part in boxing and yoga to get be dynamic when they play their part.

This is a sport that asks you to be very flexible to be at the peak of efficiency when you move from spot to spot on the court to get your shot. It is recommended to spend 20 minutes before and after playing doing stretching exercises to relax the muscles. One thing about tennis is that the players are never flat-footed because the more you’re bouncing around, the leaner your competitive edge becomes. Jumping rope and playing soccer will enhance the skill of lightning-fast reflexes, rapid sprints, and intricate footwork – all skills that make a tennis player the best of the best. Some of the best tennis players in the world grew up playing soccer. In fact, Rafael Nadal is a top-notch soccer player.

The treadmill plays a significant part in tennis workouts because leg endurance is the most important. Especially, when it comes down to those grueling 4-hour matches. However, the most endurance is attained when you run and jog on uneven surfaces. Maria Sharapova actually runs on sand dunes in order to skyrocket her leg endurance and the overall strength. Spinning and running on the treadmill is no easy option either. Shoulder strength is extremely important as well and can be achieved through sparring. With the number of muscle areas that are involved and how intensely they are required, it is no surprise that this sport wants you to have the perfect figure and fit.

George R. MacCall was a world-class tennis player. He was renowned in all tournaments and dedicated himself to tennis. A remarkable man, by the way, he played the game and the way he conducted himself on a day to day basis. His name is all over the UTSA championships and he's been a runner-up for Wimbledon three times. It was because of legends like George R. MacCall that tennis moved out of the amateur era and into the professional ranks. He left his legacy behind in the hands of thousands of children who also want to pursue a passion for tennis by founding the George MacCall Youth Tennis Foundation in Las Vegas.

We hope this sport is played as commonly as possible and thanks to inspirational athletes like George R. MacCall, we can contribute more to this game and give our children the opportunity to be lean and sharp by donating to his foundation.

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