Spirituality is the practice of living life from the divine power of the Universe, from the God-self or greater power than your human form alone. When you are living in-spirit (inspired) you begin to tap into the awesome power and limitless potential of all that is…the Universal power of Oneness.

Your thoughts, words and deeds are a direct reflection of the spiritual life you live each day. When the power of the spiritual higher-self is in the forefront of your daily life, it flows effortlessly, because acceptance is the natural belief you bring to every life-situation. Everything that is taking place in this exact moment is meant to unfold in the precise manner it is currently taking place. The proof of this is very simple, it is happening…now at this exact moment. Each life-situation is experienced in a "now moment," nothing happens in the past or the future. Therefore, if it was not meant to happen now, it simply would not.

The spiritual higher-self understands the power of now and acknowledges the presence of the unseen power of Spirituality. This limitless spiritual understanding (faith) is what aligns us with the divine power of the Universe and guides us directly to the greater possibilities of life. By allowing yourself to flow with the universal energy of all that is, you will live a life of abundance. All that is necessary for you to live from this higher perspective of endless possibility is faith. When you know deep within you that you are being watched over and guided by this highest energy source, you become willing to accept whatever manifests into your life. Your thought patterns change and you begin to realize that all you need do is ask for guidance. When you put Spirituality in control of your daily life, you begin to establish a direct communication link with God. This does not mean a one way link where you ask and never receive direct guidance. You have the power to connect directly with God daily, because you are part of the Universal Oneness of all that Is. Therefore, this direct connection is experienced at a level of understanding in harmony with your personal energy vibration in each current moment of your life.

If you truly want to experience direct contact with the divine power of all that is, all you need do is set aside a few minutes each day, to begin a two way conversation that is guaranteed to resonate with your current energy level. This direct connection is Meditation

"Meditation is not some-thing you do…it is the experience of Being that which you are."

When you chose to have direct connection with God through Meditation, you will begin to experience his guidance with conscious clarity and unquestionable certainty as to what you should do next during your current human experience. "Ask and you shall receive," exactly what you focus on with conscious clarity of Spiritual-self.

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