We each have presence felt by others at any point in time. Our presence is all that is subconsciously felt by others and, for some even consciously felt. To me it is the way our life energy is flowing at that moment.

The way our life energy flows determines the emotions we are feeling, the thoughts we are thinking or speaking, as well as the way our body is held. Those around us experience all of this as a package or a perception. It supports them in paying attention to us or not. It supports them in positive or negative feelings about what we have to offer. It supports them in connecting with us by shifting their energy in response to ours. And the connection is affected by the life energy flow of each person in that moment.

Think about the last time you observed a person walk to the front of a room to facilitate a seminar. What did you perceive? Whatever your perception may have been, it was colored by the way your energy was flowing. Your energy flow influenced whether you prepared yourself to connect with this person and truly be open to her ideas... or whether you decided to "wait and see" or even to shift your thoughts towards planning your evening; thus not connecting... at least in what you perceive as her energy flow.

Let's pretend we are observing a person facilitating our group who understands the choice in shifting her energy and is prepared to shift to better connect with each type of person within the room. ** Let's call her, Ms. Center.  This facilitator understands how moving to a centered place supports her intuition in perceiving the energy of others. It also supports her in knowing some possibilities for connecting with the energy of others by shifting herself.

The seminar begins with Ms. Center walking quickly towards the front of the room in a body disposition that is perceived by many as focused and with a plan of action in mind.  (*Fire Energy.) Some people in the room connect with this energy while others do not. When she clips on the microphone she looks up, smiles, and says something that brings laughter and lightness to the room. (Air Energy) Many people suddenly find themselves in a place of curiosity of what might happen next. The facilitator just shifted the flow of her energy and people responded based on how they connected with her flow of energy. Some in the room are not looking so curious; rather they are glancing at their cell phones.

Everyone in the room is in one energy flow or another at this moment. Ms. Center knows she will need to shift between different energies to connect with each of four possibilities. Sometimes she will match the perceived energy and sometimes she will shift to one that attracts some people to shift to more closely match hers. She begins to observe the people in the room:

Some of us may be perceived by Ms. Center as more Open. (*Water Energy) Our life energy is flowing back and down and we are in a mood of Acceptance. Ms. Center perceives us as willing to accept who she is... what she is expressing in her body disposition, her emotions, and her words.

Ms. Center, in her shift to lightness, would easily connect... even be drawn... to those in Openness. These are the ones that support her in being calm and able to go with the flow of the seminar. They are the ones she will be more likely to make eye contact with as the seminar proceeds. Ms. Center will shift to being more open when she feels the openness from this group. She may also shift to being more Resolute, Stable, or Flexible, as she perceives that these people may stay open to all of these energy flows. As she shifts she will be observing what happens within this group as well as rest of the room, and will shift when she perceives the seminar is not serving the majority of the participants. Those of us in Openness may shift as well to match or be the opposite of Ms. Center... a lot for her to be observing.

Some of us may be perceived by Ms. Center as more Flexible.  (*Air Energy) Our life energy at that moment is flowing back and up. We are in a mood of Curiosity and express a willingness to listen, however we do not attach to whatever we are seeing, feeling, or hearing from others.

Ms. Center may feel some connection with these folks and be encouraged to bring forth their questions perhaps by shifting into this flexible energy (*Air Energy) herself. She may choose to speak from Stability as this may draw some of this group towards attaching to what she is saying or to what they believe as they enter into a place of Stability with her.

A third way some of us may project our presence to Ms. Center is from a place of Stability (*Earth Energy).  Our life energy is flowing down and forward deep into the earth. We project ourselves as coming from a place of knowing and Ms. Center perceives we are speaking from what we know as the truth for us.  

Ms. Center will listen closely to what each of these folks choose to share and she may respond from this same place of Stability or she may choose to shift to a more Flexible place (*Air Energy) where she can remain curious herself and perhaps shift some of this group towards Flexibility.

The fourth way we may project our presence to Ms. Center is from a place of Resolution (*Fire Energy). We are perceived as focused, having a purpose and a plan of action. Our life energy is flowing forward and up. Ms. Center might perceive us as not so open to other new or different ideas expressed by others as we appear to have a direction and we project that we "know the way".  

Ms. Center will perceive that she may best serve these folks by being curious and listening but not taking personally everything they say about the "right and only way" to do something. As she remains Flexible, some in this group may move in that direction as well. She will know if they become more curious to new or different ideas.

When we shift the flow of our energy it can be intentional... a true choice... or it may shift because of the energy we perceive, subconsciously or consciously, coming from those around us. Interesting thought... shifting life energy could happen to us as we subconsciously react to others. Or, we can choose to shift our energy to one that better serves our intention at the moment. We also may observe that we are serving those around us in a better way. The energy of others will shift in response to our energy flow. The shift may be a little or a lot... it all depends.

Next month we will explore the idea of "it all depends!"

Five Life Energies includes names for each of the ways energy flows within and around us. I have added the names beside the descriptive words for those who have read the book or whom I have coached. If you are curious how to shift your body to support shifting your energy flow please refer to my other articles.


"Don't let what you are being get in the way of what you might become."

- Harry Palmer

Author's Bio: 

Carol Harris-Fike, ACC, NCOC
CHF Coaching and Consulting, LLC

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