Do you want to enhance your food intake but fail every time because you are suffering from loss of appetite? Many people face this issue and wishes to get rid of their loose appetite because at the end of the day everyone wants to live a healthy life filled with nutrients. Let’s continue to read to know how you are gonna fulfill this wish…
Marijuana’s capability in treating health disorders has been a casually known information but with the several proven clinical researches it has now become a known fact. Medical weed has come as a revolution in the sector of health and medicines as it aids patients with various physical as well as mental health benefits. Many dispensary has now come into existence that sells medical marijuana online.

What Causes Loss Of Appetite?

Loss of appetite can be the result of any health disorder. In fact there are more than 100 medical conditions that leads to inappetence in patients which in turn causes malnutrition decreasing patient’s ability to fight with the disease. Let’s look at a few listed causes of loss of appetite.
1. Common health issue: Common health issues like cold, flu, any bacterial or viral infection, infection in small intestine, upset stomach, allergies can cause loss of appetite in people.

2. Side effects of medications: Many medications we use to treat any illness comes with some sort side effects and loss of appetite can be one of them. In fact, the treatment of cancer kills the healthy body tissues and disturbs the digestive health due to which patients suffer from weakness and loss of hunger.

3. Mental health issue: Stress, anxiety and depression is another major cause that enhances loss of appetite.

4. Chronic illness: Long term illness like asthma, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV-AIDS, chronic liver or kidney disease etc. can cause loss of appetite.

5. Age factor: The loss of appetite in elderly’s could be due to various factors like anorexia, hormones, dental issues, change in taste & smell, lower calorie needs etc.

How Does Medical Marijuana Stimulates Appetite?

People who have consumed medical marijuana for the treatment of any medical condition very well evident with the fact that medical marijuana enhances hunger and increases metabolism. The active compound present in cannabis called THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) plays the mail role in stimulating appetite. Let us just understand the process briefly:
• Smoking medical marijuana enhances the level of hormone called ghrelin in body. Ghrelin is the one responsible for communicating hunger making you feel hungry.

• Endocannabinoids, naturally produced by human body helps to regulate eating. Cannabinoids compound present in medical cannabis is similar to endocannabinoids and thus intake of medical marijuana encourages body to consume more calories than their usual intake.

• Dopamine is known as happy-hormone as it promotes positive feelings, happiness and pleasure. Consuming medical marijuana increases the level of dopamine in your body making you feel good and giving you positive mounting while eating.

• Sometimes people have appetite issue because of their senses. Medical cannabis increases sense of taste and smell and makes the food more appealing and thus our food cravings enhances.

• According to a research, the neurons that turns off while eating starts stimulating to eat more after intake of marijuana.

So now we are well familiar with actual reasons that make medical marijuana to enhance our appetite. In addition to that while consuming weed for weight gain or increasing appetite it is advisable to eat healthy snacks like whole grain crackers, vegetable snacks, hummus, low-fat dips avoiding intake of bad calories.

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