Eating weed brownies can take you to greatest possible highs and make you a little less sad. Anyone who enjoys the benefits of marijuana should try edibles, instead of the usual joint. As you may already know, eating weed brownies brings a different effect then when it is smoked? If you have not been through it yet – whether you are considering giving them a try or just out of plain curiosity – read on and learn the stages of getting high on pot brownies.

Stage 1: After taking an edible, during the first few minutes, the first though of many people is if they already feel it. And, most of the time, the answer is no. Weed brownies take at least 30 minutes to take effect. Some users feel some buzz right after eating it, but this is mostly because of a placebo effect.

Stage 2: Once you realize that you are indeed not yet high, you might find yourself feeling disappointed. You start to wonder if the weed brownie that you took will really work, or you were just tricked into buying it, or perhaps you just started to have a higher tolerance for it.

Stage 3: Now you start to feel the effects as you are melting into the couch while flying through space at the same time. This effect is only the beginning, and you try to prepare yourself for what will probably be the most high that you are about to feel in your whole life.

Stage 4: This is the stage where you will notice that your senses have grown much stronger: you can smell better, feel better, and taste better. As your high sets it, you see and notice things about yourself and your surroundings that you have not seen or noticed before. And then you start to think about eating.

Stage 5: At its peak, your high will pave the way for the munchies. Immediately, you will feel very hungry and the urge to consume food right at that moment. You go to the pantry and eat as much food as you can – and you feel that all of them taste so much better than how you were used to them.

Stage 6: Your high has already settled in nicely, so you enjoy yourself all the while trying to function as properly as you possibly can. You will never feel just how hard it is to be a human being until now, and yet somehow you will end up succeeding – for the most part.

Stage 7: After passing the peak high, sooner or later, you start to fade into sleep. And no matter how hard you keep your eyes open and try to fight it, it will come. A nice and long nap (for an hour or maybe for two days) is a nice cap off to your incredible high.

Stage 8: The so-called “edible hangover” happens when wake up, and will actually feel like you are still high. This is because there is still some THC in your system that needs to be processed. Later on in the day, your head will start to clear and you will be ready to start Stage 1 all over again.

Remember that, just like many things, you need to exercise come caution when eating weed brownies, especially if you are a newbie. Purchase your goods from a reputable dispensary and ask knowledged people as many questions as you can. This way, you will not encounter any problems and fully enjoy the whole experience.

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