In today’s software testing phase, the demand for automation tools is increasing day by day, so bearing this in mind many enterprises are using automation tools like Cypress. Cypress is a modern javaScript based framework that provides a complete end-to-end testing experience. In cypress, anything that runs in a browser is a very fast and reliable testing automation tool. It makes setting up, running, and debugging tests possible and easy in software testing. To get your test suite setup, there is no longer a need to install 10 separate tools and libraries. It works differently, as it is executed in the same run loop as your application and runs as quickly as the browser can render content. Operating outside of the browser, most end-to-end testing tools are selenium-based and they run remote commands across the network.

Many organizations have been looking for a long time for every automated tool, and cypress has come up with awesome features which help in software testing.

Snapshot at the time of tests run
There is no other automation tool except cypress that has this feature at present. While taking a snapshot of the application, it allows the users to time travel back to the state when commands run. Users can spot the changes by just hovering over the command.

Stop guessing
Users do not have to guess why the tests are failing with cypress, debugging the script is always challenging. It is a time-saving automation tool for debugging. To debug the script quickly, readable error messages help to do so. The pinned snapshot manifests the state of the element before and after. Users also have the access to the all-suite of browser’s developer tools.

No asynchronization issues
The retry-ability that assists with testing dynamic web applications is the core feature of the cypress. It permits the tests to run in each and every command as soon as the assertion passes with no hard-coding delays. If the application acquires extra seconds or milliseconds to render a Document Object Model (DOM) element then the tests do not have to change. Before proceeding, cypress automatically remains for asserts and commands. Cy.stub(), Cy.clocks, Cy.Spies are the commands of cypress that help and manage the performance of the functions, responses, servers, and timers.

Manage network traffic
With the help of Cypress, the whole lifecycle of XHR tests within an application can be tested. The tool Cypress gives access directly to the XHR objects and that enables the users to learn about its properties. Users have the ability to opt whether the response stubbed or permit them to reach the server among cypress. Users can also mix and match in the same tests by alternating the certain request they opt to a stub.

Take shortcuts
It means testers no need to use the user interface or visit the login page to build up the state or testers do not have to wait for the page to load. Cypress provides the ability to log in and to take shortcuts without entering the login page.

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