Simulators are the best choice when it comes to training for healthcare professionals. Be it a doctor, a nurse, or anyone else working as medical staff; everyone needs to be trained thoroughly. Without the simulators, it would have been quite difficult for the doctors and the medical team to prepare themselves for worse situations. 

Simulators have brought more precision into the healthcare sector, and the medical staff needs to know more about these options they have. Most simulators get programmed according to a specific situation where they will exhibit certain ailments or symptoms. To aid this training, several instruments and devices get used during the training process. An essential tool in this process is the Masimooximeter simulator. But many of the medical professionals do not know how to operate or use this device. So today, we will discuss its various features and how to use this vital device. 

What are the various features of the Masimo pulse oximeter?

When it comes to assessing the features, there are quite a lot. You can check the saturation and the perfusion index, and you can even make customized preset simulations. There are many factory preset simulations to choose from. 

  1. The device can be even be carried in pockets owing to its light-weight. A single AA battery is enough for the device to run for 10 hours at a stretch. 
  2. The material with which the device gets made is high-quality plastic. 
  3. The durability of the device has been tested by dropping it multiple times on hard surfaces from 3 feet in height. 
  4. The device is compatible with the Masimo spo2 simulator. There is an efficient power-saving mode available within the machine, and it also comes with upgraded field software.
  5. The device also comes with a four-year warranty. 

How to use the device?

It is easy to use the oximeter to test the alarm functionality and the performance of the device. There is a unit button on the device; you need to press it once to start the tool. There are very few buttons on the screen, thus making it easier to use during any simulation. 

The device starts picking its signals from the simulator when you start the device and set it according to your need. The equipment is 100% efficient; however, during particular simulations where the simulator has complex ailments, the NIBP simulator can be used for advanced detection and data. So this is how you use the device, and you also get a manual along with the device in case you find setting the simulations. 

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