Do you have an entire notebook page of priorities for things you need/want to get accomplished? Or possibly is your list 2 or 3 pages?
I am in that situation now! Maybe it’s the change of seasons, but it always makes me look ahead at what I want to accomplish in the next 3-9-12 months.

Now clearly I can’t get them all done at once, and some require faster action. Definitely I need to do a list building event before I offer other programs and services so that I have more people to offer it to.

You always hear that the money is in the list. And to a certain extent that is true. So, it makes sense to do a list building event prior to offering your potential clients what they want and need. You simply get more people into your marketing funnel.

It’s all about flow. What products and services do you offer that you start with one offering; it flows into the next, and then flows into the next. Years ago I didn’t do that and I ended up with a hodge podge of products and services. I learned the hard way.

The question to ask first is “What is the fastest way to the cash?” You all are in business to make money, for cash flow right? Why else would you be doing all this?

Sure, you want to be of service to people but you can do that in volunteer work. You have a business and you need to make money. If you don’t make money, you do not have a business. It’s really a pretty simple concept but one that alludes some people.

So, what is your fastest way to the cash? Out of all the ‘priorities’ you have on your plate right now, which will bring in the money into your back account the fastest?

Keep in mind that sometimes you might make things harder than they really are. Does it take work to put a program together to offer your people? Sure it does take some work. But it’s not as ‘big’ as you may make it out to be.

It’s kind of like that question: ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ ‘One bite at a time.’

Just break it down into little pieces that will keep moving you forward.

One of the things I like to do, once I know what my first priority is, is to put up a big sticky post-it on my wall in my office. Then I take a pack of smaller post-its and write each and every thing I need to do to complete the project. Nothing is more rewarding than moving those post-its into the ‘done’ pile. And you’re ready to roll!

Start at the beginning with your first step and take it all the way through your promotion, do your program, then of course, what is your upsell? That is all part of the flow.

What is the bottom line here? We all have our lists and then we all have to prioritize what order we do things in. The good news is this is all doable for each of you and you can do so with minimal overwhelm.

My Coach’s Request: Take a big post-it and stick it on your wall. With smaller post-its, write down all that is on your ‘to do’ list, one on each sticky note. Now prioritize which ones should be at the top. Toss them when they are complete and add new ones as they arise.

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