How do you Measure up with your Communication?

"When dealing with people, remember
you are not dealing with creatures of logic,
But with creatures of emotion."
- Dale Carnegie

How do you measure up in your Communication Skill Set? In order to Grow in your business and prosper you MUST become an expert in communication. Now when we say expert it is not like you have to have a Masters Degree in communication. But it is very important that you become a master at listening, motivating and understanding all types of people. We all want to grow and prosper in our businesses. Yes it will get great to go out and generate all types of leads no matter the source but if we don’t have a good communication skill set we may not reach the overall outcome we desire.

Did you know that Communication is only?
-7% Words (the words that we use)
-23% tone
-70% is the energy that we portray
If you want to grow your business are you excited when you talk to your prospects/leads? Or are you so stiff and rigid trying to figure out the exact wording or that script that you tried to remember? While the wording that you use is important, it is more important to watch your tone and the energy that you project. How enthusiastic are you when you speak? Here is a great tip try recording yourself speak and work on your tone, wording and energy and tweak that as you go. Remember that you will not MASTER a great communication skill set of overnight but with practice you will become Great!
Next is the phone how good at you on the phone? Make sure you are smiling on the phone it shows. People can feel your energy through the phone as well and I think that sometimes it is more important to be aware of your communication on the phone since the person is not in front of you.
Once you develop and Master your communication Skill set the sky is the limit. Remember you don’t need to have all the knowledge about your product or service. You don’t have to know every single detail about your compensation plan with your company to be a success. In order to get better at any skill set you must invest the time each and every day to develop it.

Lets’ Rock it! You were Born for Greatness!
~To Your Extraordinary Success!

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~Lori Wagner
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