I often compare my vision of the life I desire, and every aspect of that desire down to my daily lifestyle; such as how much do I travel? What do my relationships look like? Do I make solid and life-altering connections with people I meet? What are my financial resources, love, everything and anything? Then I look at the reality of my life today and take an inventory of what I need to do, think and feel to get to the life of my desires. This time of year there is a lot of discussion and advice about goal setting, self-evaluation, and taking stock, all for making the best use of the “Fresh Start” for the New Year. However, for me, this is not something I do only in December to prepare for the New Year. It is something I do all the time and all year long. I take stock, I make adjustments, I goal set and then create an action plan, and lastly, I act in any way possible to get me that much closer to my visions.

I always have one eye on the “future me” and what she wants, because this part of me is strong. She is fierce in her direction of where she needs to be, go and do. No one can sway her in out of her vision and set life direction. She is my Soul and we are here for a purpose, and my future self keeps me on track to that Soul promise. You see there is this deep dark shadow side of me that would like to stay in bed, hide, watch TV, eat ice cream and disappear from life. She wants me to give up, take the easy path and “float” by living our life by getting by, and not to actually do what we came here to Earth to do, which is to help others through Soul Therapy, Past Life Regression, writing, teaching and sharing my Soul Journey to Self Love. This shadow part of me, or saboteur, feels as if she sits right behind my left shoulder stalking me. The reality is that she is sitting there energetically. This is part is me and I’m learning to love her, feel her, hear her and listen to what she wants. When I try to avoid her and ignore her, she becomes very subversive and self-sabotaging by finding great reasons why we “deserve” to stay in bed and sleep more or watch some more TV or eat food that is not nourishing or healthy for us. She can be quite destructive when she isn’t being heard.

So how do you work with your desires, your future self and your present self, including your Saboteur to get to those visions you have for your life? You do it through Self-Love. You get there by listening your heart, and what she wants. Take time to envision the life you want, including the people, places, lifestyle, what you do upon waking, where do you live, what does your house look like or do you rent so you can be free to live any where in the world? Really take the time to do this. Make lists, or make a vision board. Put it all down! Then figure out what that voice in your heart wants to do everyday that would enable her to make that lifestyle a reality. Then lastly, start taking steps to create that lifestyle. Maybe you need some help getting there, by looking at what is standing in your way? Or maybe you need to learn a new skill? Or you know what to do, but haven’t been able to get past the fear of just starting? That is where Soul Therapy comes in. By working with a Soul Therapist®, you unlock those pieces of you that are locked in time due to trauma, old memories or habits and Soul Therapy provides you the space to heal, shift, and move on out of your story into the present, which will allow you to really create those visions you have so longed for, and live out your Soul purpose. This will make room in your body, heart and mind to feel good, joyful, energetic, and positive all leading to authentic wellbeing and perfect health.

I know that when I embrace all of me, including the path less walked, I know I’m on purpose and I am that much closer to that “Future me”, and then when I get there, I’m sure my future self will have new stretch goals for us! I can’t wait! Can you allow yourself to stretch to make your visions a reality for you? I say, “Let’s Stretch!”



Author's Bio: 

Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has been certified from Soul Therapy School International, Toronto Canada. In addition, to assisting individuals utilizing Soul Therapy, Carolyn is a Past Life Regressionist and has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute in Toronto, Canada. Carolyn Goldfarb has been involved in self empowerment for over 20 years and has studied under Deborah Skye King is the World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy and is North America's #1 Soul Therapist®, & President + Founder of Soul Therapy School® and Craig Junjulas, President of Higher Self Discovery ™. Carolyn’s mission is to assist individuals in their realignment with their soul, their life purpose, their divine essence and their true magnificence.