It’s become a ritual of mine. Every Sunday I wake up, eat breakfast and turn my television to the OWN network. I’ve always been a huge Oprah fan, but recently have discovered the Sunday programming on OWN and became almost addicted. Some people go to church on Sundays, I go to OWN; but why? The programs, Super Soul Sunday, Soul Pancake and Life Class allow me to think about stuff that I normally don’t have time for or don’t think of on a really inquisitive level. You know, the stuff that makes you a better, happier more authentic person.

Here is my experience with OWN and a few ways that you too can elevate your thinking.

Shut down the noise
When I watch OWN, I really take time to process the ideas in a way that couldn’t happen throughout my crazy week. Normally, I’m focused on clients, social media, promoting businesses and building one of my own; on Sunday that all comes to a screeching stop. I consciously shut it down for about 12 hours and use that time to reboot, mentally and spiritually. Often Oprah is interviewing authors of the most transformative books this century and spiritual leaders with new concepts, it’d be a shame to only half-listen to this info that could potentially change my life.

Join a community
OWN does something very interesting with their audience. During these shows, you’ll find several OWNers on Twitter including @SheriSalata Producer/Genius, @mayawatson Marketing Manager, official OWN accounts @SuperSoulSunday and @OprahsLifeclass, and of course, @Oprah herself. They engage in lively conversation during each show, but the best thing that happens is that people all over the world join that conversation. It’s almost like sitting in the audience of the show itself, but better. I tweet with real people, sharing our aha moments, personal perspectives and encouraging each other. Often, I begin to think of something in a new way, not just because of the person that’s being interviewed on tv, but because of someone who has shared their thoughts on Twitter.

Use it or lose it
The toughest part of growing is taking all the stuff that’s been thrown at us, and figuring out how to make that a part of our lives. We read self-help books, talk to therapists, or get advice from friends but does it stick? Unless that friend is awesome, insightful and annoying enough to ask you everyday if you’ve done the things that you talked about, then you’re probably not putting it into practice. If you’re not putting it into practice, then you may as well have spent that time picking your nose. Stop wasting your time! Be sure to carry this new information and higher consciousness into your work week, your family life and personal interactions. When you encounter a tough situation, PAUSE. Then rather than going back to your normal reaction, consider what you’ve learned, and apply it so that you can grow.

So, am I saying that watching TV will change your life. NO! What I am saying is that you wherever you can find information or conversation that pull you out of your every day humdrum and into a higher level of consciousness, you should do it. We are often presented with opportunities to learn more and row in our thinking, but we’re too busy to hear it. TOO BUSY to become a more authentic and happy person. That’s crazy. How do you ever expect to grow out of your situation if you don’t make time for elevating your mindset? Try it today. It may be a watching a TV show, reading spiritual books, going to church or talking to someone who makes you think more deeply. Do it, then come back and tell me how it worked!

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Raven Robinson is a Virtual Life Coach who focuses on inspiring 20-30 somethings to be more authentic and responsible adults, by clearing out the garbage that gets in the way. She welcomes you to her virtual home at, for daily conversation at Facebook/VerandaLane or a quick chat on Twitter @RavenDelana.