Making the right choices is a crucial secret of success in life. But how do you make the decisions you make?

How do You Make your Choices?
Some people muddle through without a viable strategy to give them the results they want. Then they're surprised when those results don't show up in their life.

Is there a viable strategy for making a choice which helps you achieve your goals? If so, what is it? What a valuable investigation!

These usually subconscious questions are used by many in making the choices they make. Change your life by exploring how you usually choose what you choose to do.

The Four Important Questions
There are four important question that you ask whenever you make a decision. Those questions are:

  1. Do I feel like doing it?
  2. Do I want to do it?
  3. Is it me?
  4. Do I want the results that doing it will bring?

Although the answers may look similar, asking each question has consequences. Yet one will resonate with you, which of these four questions is the most important to you?

This is not to say that you'll always use the same question in every circumstance. But most people have a favorite question which they ask more than the others. Which one do you ask most of the time? Which is the most important of the four important questions for you?

The General rather than the Specific
Note that this doesn't say what 'it' is. So this question is in the general rather than the specific. There's a big difference between these two, but let's leave that distinction for another time.

In any specific circumstance, you may prefer to ask a different question, yet throughout your life, you have preferred to ask one - which one?

You'll find it valuable to invest some time reflecting on your answer, it can change your life. This is not to ask which one you choose in a specific situation today; it's asking which one you generally ask, and then use the answer to make your decision. Once you have your answer, then also contemplate why you choose that one more often than the others.

It's often helpful to write down some of the thoughts which come up whilst you are considering your answer. Total honesty about yourself and your choices so far in life is important, it can and will change your life. So time and effort into pondering your truth up till now will enable you to amend it if you so wish in the future.

There's no Right or Wrong Answer
Using any of these questions is neither right nor wrong. They just reflect the strategy you've been using in life so far. You can't make a mistake here, you just need to know which question you use most often.

Once you've come up with your most important question, also sign it. Then we can explore the implication of each question and your answer.

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Food for Thought
"Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."
- James Levin

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