The ego can be very clever and can manipulate in more ways than you could ever imagine possible. And that in itself is the secret to living with the ego. What is presented by the ego is always imagined and never true reality. The stories contrived by the ego will always be focused on past or future moments, but never the present moment. The ego knows that if you are living your life based upon the present moment it will lose control over you.

Ego will come and go in your daily thinking, however, the sooner you convert your Four Body System to alignment with the Universe, whereas the Spiritual Body is in the forefront of your daily life, the sooner you will be able to identify the times the ego is manipulating you. The key is to merge the ego into your true higher-self by staying in constant communication with your higher-self guidance system.

When the ego interrupts your higher-self being in daily life, simply smile and acknowledge what is happening. Allow the ego to have its fun and then get back to true reality in the present moment. Until you have fully merged the ego into a higher state of energy vibration it will always crop up to disrupt your right thinking and attempt to manipulate your choices in life to the advantage of lower-self, or role placement thinking. You are much better than that and can easily dismiss the constant interruptions of the egos need to be in control of your life-situations.

Whenever discussions surface based upon fear generated dogma, allow your feelings to guide you back to the true essence of your higher-self perspective of the situation at hand. You will know when you are thinking correctly and when you are wrong thinking. The feels you sense are the triggers to knowing if you are in harmony with the Universe. If you find yourself feeling anything other than happy, joyful and at peace, it is a surely a sign that you are out of harmony with your Original Source Agreement.

Always remember, you are here for the purpose of advancing the energy vibration of the world as we know it. Your gifts are the tools you brought with you to assist humanity in the next step of evolution. When you are living from this higher state of awareness you will always do what is best for everyone, instead of being focused on what is best only for your personality. If the personality is standing in the way of doing what you know in your heart to be correct, there may be ego dominated consequences to pay for your actions. Let this be whatever it is…it matters not whether or not you get what you "think" you want. What really matters is what is best for the collective Oneness.

You are not the ego or the role being played in life-situations; your are the Universal embodiment of the greater whole as seen through the eyes of a Spiritual Being having a human experience. Your greatness will always shine through when you are in alignment with this higher level of energy vibration. Have faith that you will endure any ego based situations that have been placed in front of you on your journey. There will always be times that the ego will attempt to sabotage that greatness. However, if you allow the higher-self to guide you, it will always overpower the limited thoughts the ego contrives to control you life-situation.

The ego will always dissolve when you are focused on the present moment; and, only you can decide, based upon your free will choices, to live as captive to the ego or in harmony with all that is limitless. There are always ways to put ego in its proper place and you will discover them as you progress in your self-discover-process.

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