Discipline without spanking is possible with consistent effort and patience.Instead of disciplining through fear, disciplining with love is more fruitful. Child will learn faster with love and respect. They learn to do the right thing when they understand the reasons.Corporal punishment results in distance between parent and child.

He will lead life without any behavioral disorder.No shouting, getting into a screeching match with him is simply wastage of your energy.Do not treat every little bad behavior as a major crime.

Rather than raising the pitch of your voice, try to keep it low and serious. Quiet pitch makes him come near and be quiet to hear you are great techniques for ending a tantrum.Don't whine, don't bargain with him. Don't make false threats.

Whether you follow strict routines, or a relaxed pattern, you need to set some boundaries. He may be continuously testing your temper and limits.He has to know where his boundaries are. Set your limits, and stay firm. Firm, clear and consistent are the watchwords which are important in disciplining a 2 year old.

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