Intuition – we’ve heard the word, and know that it something that is a part of us. Most of us have had the experience of ‘knowing’ something was about to happen, or that something, someone, or some situation didn’t feel right or felt good. But, how do we listen to it? What exactly is it?

Intuition is our sixth sense that may be sensed through all of our other five senses. It is our Heart, our Soul, or our Spiritual Connection directly speaking to us. It is there to protect us from harm and connect us with joy. It is beyond our rational, linear, judging mind. It can come to us strongly as an undeniable voice, vision, or feeling. It may come to us as messages that attempt to speak to us in dreams, through interactions with perfect strangers, through songs on the radio, or things we read. It may come to us in more subtle ways that may pass us by. Sometimes we miss it completely. And that’s why we want to know how to listen to it.

We each have our own unique way of ‘hearing’ these potent messages. Here are a few steps you can take to understand how you Intuit and to begin listening to it and trusting it:

1. Meditate – There are many ways to meditate. Choose a meditation that speaks to you, one you enjoy practicing, and quiets your mind. A simple practice is to become aware of your breath coming in and out of your body. Let your body relax with each breath out. Get out of your Head, and in to your Body. Allow space to occur between each thought. Notice your thoughts as just ‘thoughts.’ Focus on your Heart, and imagine it opening to a feeling of love and compassion for yourself and every living being. Observe your inner and outer world from this awareness. Rest in this peace.
2. Imagine being in a beautiful special place. Notice what you see there, notice how you feel, what you may taste, smell, or hear. Notice what may be getting your attention. What do you want to do in this place? Maybe it is something active or something more calming such as just being. Hang out here for 5 – 20 minutes.
3. After you slowly reemerge from your beautiful special place, recall how you perceived your experience there. Did you see things? Hear things? Feel things such as a breeze on your body or a deep knowing? Did you taste or smell anything? Notice what senses were more engaged. This is likely how you also sense your Intuition.
4. As you go through your day, while being silent or interacting with others, notice when these same senses become engaged and what they may be communicating to you. Do they feel like accurate interpretations of what they may be saying to you?
5. Follow your Intuition to the best of your ability. See how the situation plays out given the path you chose to take. Notice if your interpretation was serving your’s and others’ greatest joy. If it did, great! If not, keep listening and feeling. With time and experience it will become clearer and strengthen.
6. Continue to meditate on a regular basis so your mind and heart are clear to receive the messages and accurately interpret them.
7. If you become too serious or doubt your Intuition, you may block it. Have fun with it!

Author's Bio: 

Emmy Vadnais is an Intuitive Healer & Instructor. She teaches others to relax, meditate and listen within. She provides natural holistic approaches in assisting individuals to have insight and clarity in moving forward in their lives.