Well, maybe your first question is why do I need a Signature System. Your clients will love them and your life will be much simpler because you will know exactly what your presenting to them and when. It's that simple.

Let me review a few of the reasons why right here.

•Clients will love that you have a system to offer them because it makes their life much easier knowing they will follow the system you have created for them. They don't have to come up with one on their own, you will lead them and they will have confidence in you.

•Your clients will be able to predict their results and be confident in how they work with their own clients.

•Having your own system states clearly to your clients that you are an expert in your field. You will not show up as offering a little bit here, a little bit there. Hodgepodge does not portray 'expert'

•Your clients will be very clear about what you have to offer them. You don't want them guessing.

Let's look at my Simple & Elegant system as an example. This is the step-by-step system to help women therapists, coaches and other heart centered entrepreneurs build successful high 5/6 figure coaching businesses.

Here is a sample of my steps that I use with my Platinum Clients, whether they are Private Platinum clients for Group Platinum clients.


•Branding with Archetypes

•One page website with opt-in box

•Pink spoon, free taste, free offer

•Article writing and submission sites



•Core topics

•List building

•Social media

•Creating & marketing teleseminars with preview calls or live talks

•And much more

You see? It's so much more simple than it sounds. I gathered together a bunch of index cards and thought about where I started with each client. With every step I jotted down whatever the next piece was. When I got to the end I looked back and wow! There was my signature system. These were the steps I took people through to help them build there business.

You can do this same type of thing with your clients. It is not rocket science, but knowing the steps to take, one at a time, will make all the difference in the world to you, as well as to your clients.

I hope this helps clarify what a signature system is; a sample of mine as well as an idea of how you can create your own system to work with your potential clients, no matter what your niche.

I can honestly say that since I have learned this process and implemented it over and over it has changed my business around in a big way.

You can do this also!

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Do you have the Moxie it takes to start and sustain a thriving coaching business? Find out at http://moxiemastermind.com Kim Kirmmse Toth transitioned from 23 years as Licensed Clinical Social Worker to building a high 5 to 6 figure coaching business while enjoying her free time doing the things she loves. If you are a savvy woman (or even gentleman) and a heart-centered solopreneur who wishes to grow an exceptional, heart based on-line business, let Kim show you the way at http://www.positiveaginginc.com.