The US apex bank increased interest rates multiple times in 2022 and 2023 to control inflation.

Inflation affects both industries and consumers. While consumer confidence in spending is intact, and the entertainment industry in the US is doing well, businesses need to be managed well to stay afloat.

In the American motion picture industry (Hollywood), the costs of producing and promoting movies have soared in the last few years, and business managers are burdened to improve their clients' revenues.

Who's David Bolno?

David Bolno is a renowned business manager with a specialty in the entertainment industry.

He helps entertainers in different genres in making profitable financial decisions and growing their careers.

He has worked with both upcoming stars and Superstars in the entertainment industry.

He's also popular for his collaboration with top artists in the US like Drake, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber,, Post Malone, and many more.

David Bolno is not only a business manager with a passion for the entertainment industry, he's also a philanthropist.

Recently, he partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to establish the Bolno-Pineles Family Scholarship Fund to impact the lives of the Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine students.

Navigating the Volatility in the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is fast-changing. While it's easy for star artists to adapt, it's not the same for starters.

The road to success in every industry always is not like a straight life, there are going to be hurdles.

To navigate this volatile path, you need a mentor and a business manager who can help you find your path with his experience.

Your business manager would help to minimize the cost of production by weighing different options and choosing the best for you.

There are different ways you can promote your works in this internet age. A business manager of an entertainment business like David Bolno already has a blueprint to help rising stars.

Your manager would unleash the creativity in you, and help you develop a unique brand that would help you stand out in fierce competition.

Even for successful artists, reckless spending and the inability to sustain wealth can destroy the works they've built long ago.

A business manager helps to grow and manage wealth by helping you make reasonable financial decisions and scaling through tough times in your career.

Wild spending is synonymous with entertainers when they accomplish stardom, therefore a business manager like Dave Bolno would help you invest wisely, build your assets, diversify your business, and build a better future, even after your retirement.

Business managers like David Bolno can also capitalise on his influence and affluence to collaborate with other artists and seal deals with other organisations.

Your manager would also analyse feedback from your audiences to improve your performance and prevent loss of interest in your work.

He would also address issues that emanate from collaborations, events, technical difficulties, and others to keep the artist scaling through the hurdles in his career.


Your business manager is a core part of your team and one of the most important factors that determine your success.

Getting a business manager like David Bolno who knows his onions in the entertainment market can help shoot your career to the top roof.

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