Sometimes, it's difficult for Veterans to live their desired life after service.

It may be due to financial challenges, health challenges, poor family support, and others.

In the US, there are thousands of organisations that support Veterans to live happy and fulfilled lives after retirement.

These organisations have their different programs to help Veterans transition to after-service life, raise family, support their careers, help with housing, health care, and even feeding.

US Organizations that help Veterans in need of Home Care

Let's look into some of these organisations that are committed to enriching the lives of Veterans in need of home care.

Veterans Care Coordination

Kyle Laramie, founder and CEO of Veterans Care Coordination facilitates home care for Veterans through his organisation.

This organisation helps Veterans, usually seniors, to age easily at home by helping them access services and funds to improve their lives.

It allows the surviving partners of Veterans, their families to reduce costs of taking care of their person.

Veterans Care Coordination has a robust database and network of quality service providers, therefore making ageing at home easy for Veterans and their families.

Kyle Laramie's company, Veterans Care Coordination has a team of expertises that are friendly, resourceful, and committed to enriching the lives of Veterans in need of home care.

Wounded Warriors Project
This organisation helps retired Military personnel that are wounded during service to access quality home care.

This charity organisation crowdfund to support wounded warriors who incurred injuries or suffered from illnesses.

This organisation also extends application processes to the family members, and caregivers of wounded warriors to access funds to improve their home situations.

Wounded Warriors Project seeks gifts which can be one-time or monthly donors from the public.

Gifts are not limited to cash. You can also offer gifts-in-kind to Veterans.

FIsher House Foundation
This foundation was started more than 3 decades ago. The chief aim of the organisation is to offer free homes for wounded service members, and Veterans, and accommodations for their families.

The organisation has about 96 homes, and can accommodate hundreds of families of wounded Veterans while they're on treatments in VA or military medical center

It also offers programs such as Assistance with Airline Tickets, Assistance with lodging, and facilitating Scholarships for Military kids and spouses.

It accepts different modes of donations such as cash, gifts, stocks, and other securities, IRAs, hotel points, airline miles, bequest.

Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust
DAV organisation offers diverse services to meet the needs of wounded, sick, homeless Veterans. The services are also extended to Veterans that are at risk of health challenges.

DAV provides grants to rehabilitate veterans that suffer from physical and psychological wounds while at service.
Not only that, grants are also awarded to help provide food, shelter, mobility aids, and other needs to live a happy life, and to support the spouses and caregivers of Veterans.
DAV also employs different ways gifts can be offered to Veterans in need of Home Care like Fisher House Foundation.

Wounded Warriors Family Support (WWFM)
Wounded Warriors Family Support organisation was founded 2 decades ago by a veteran, Colonel John Folsom who served in the U.S. Marine.

The chief aim of this organisation is to provide physical, financial, and most importantly, emotional support for the family of wounded Warriors and lost heroes in the military.

This organisation provides vacation retreats for wounded Veterans and their families to bond together again.

This family retreat program helps both wounded Veterans and their families to heal from physical and physiological trauma.

WWFM also helps wounded Veterans with mobility support, offers grants for medical travel, meals, housekeeping etc to relieve the burden of caregivers and family of wounded Veterans.

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