I know you are committed at least on some level or you wouldn't even be reading this article. But seriously, how committed are you to make your business really be a success?

By being successful I mean how much money are you really making (and keeping) and how many people are you helping?

I was lucky enough to see a 15 minute clip of a very energetic and earnest preacher T D Jakes and his whole sermon was about commitment. He spoke about your commitment to your family, to yourself, and to your work.

For any of us to be successful, there has to be a commitment from you. It's not just talking or thinking about all the projects you are working on and how great they will be for your business, bringing you more clients and more income. You have to complete them and you have to do so in a timely manner. You have to focus and not let anything else get in the way of that completion. No talking on the phone, no FB or twittering or email. You need to shut it all down and dive deep into your project.

I know I can spend much more time creating a product or program than is necessary. It's in these times, if I am honest with myself that my commitment is lacking.

I let other things get in my way, and things don't get done as quickly as they could. When that happens it hurts my business. It hurts my business because I am not being the best business owner I can be. I am letting other things get in the way of my success which is not good for attracting new clients and is not good for generating more income. So, I have to watch myself when I am starting a new project. I need to set aside ample time daily at least 5 days a week until it is completed and is the best product I can make.

So, how committed are you in your business? Are you taking your business seriously enough? Are you continually moving your business forward?

If it's not consistently moving forward, then you are stuck. No business can afford to stand still. If it stands still for too long it can actually go backwards.

I have no doubt that when you started your business you were very committed to make it succeed. It's not easy starting a business and getting it off the ground. And as the years go by there are going to be times when your business ebbs and flows. That is only natural.

It's when times passes you by and your business is stagnant that you can honestly know that your commitment has lessened and it needs to be restarted in order to have a business that supports you emotionally and financially.

This 'commitment' is simply a concept to keep alive in order for you to succeed.

ACTION STEP: I want you to take an honest look at yourself and your business and your level of commitment. If it's not where it needs to be, what do you need to do to reignite it?

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