Strabismus is an eye condition wherein the eye positions are not aligned and focus in different directions. In this condition, there are chances that the eyes turn in an upward, inward, outward, or downward direction. For conditions like this, based on the severity, treatments are accordingly suggested. In today’s article, we have discussed some non-invasive treatments that a squint eye specialist in Mumbai may offer. In order to avoid loss of sight in squint eye or loss of depth perception, active treatment is necessary. The most common non-invasive treatment is suggested below that often works for squint eye treatment.
Vision Therapy for Strabismus
Best squint surgeons in Mumbai suggested non-surgical treatments that range from prescription eyewear to eye exercise. This can help improve eye coordination, strengthen eye muscles and prevent loss of depth perception. In vision therapy for strabismus, corrective lenses are one of the most effective and non-invasive treatments for Strabismus. Treatments like patching of eyes, eye, exercise, lenses, and/or other therapies are used. The treatments provide both positive cosmetic results and vision improvements like 3D vision, stereopsis, and binocular depth perception, to name a few. However, it is important to note that non-invasive eye treatments are all subject to the current eye condition. Treatment like eye exercise or corrective lenses cannot be considered as a substitute for medical treatment.
Treatment of Strabismus explained in detail
If the strabismus is a condition with just one of the eyes, then in that case the "good" eye may be patched. This pushes the bad eye to work well thus preventing vision loss. While patching helps preserve eyesight, it does little to develop depth perception. However, other treatments along with eye patching does the work for many.
Children with far-sighted have muscles inside the eye that often contract for clear vision. This results in eyes turning inward. This condition is called "accommodative esotropia". In such cases, glasses or lenses are recommended that help straighten the eye. Glasses and contact lenses are often recommended by squint specialist in Mumbai which helps in squint eye treatment, for building the vision and treating the condition.
Eye exercises-
Several squint eye specialists in Mumbai also recommended a few eye exercises to strengthen the eye muscles and nerves around it. Most of these eye exercise helps improve the eye coordination. The most common eye exercises include pencil push-ups, brock string, and barrel cards. So pencil push up involves holding a pencil out at arm’s length, pointing away from you while keeping your focus on the point and slowly moving the pencil toward the bridge of your nose. This exercise helps improve your focus. On the other hand, the brock string is an exercise that helps improve the eye coordination. The exercise involves securing one end of the string to a stationary point such as a chair and spacing out the beads at equal distances while holding the other end of the string tightly to your nose. So, focusing on the bead it will appear at the intersection of two identical strings with doubles of the other beads, forming an X. this exercise too helps in building eye focus and improving eye coordination. Barrel card exercise is for exotropia. Here holding the card lengthwise and vertically against your nose ensuring the largest barrel is furthest away, one needs to stare at the far barrel until it becomes one image with both colors and the other two barrel images have doubled. This is an exercise recommended but most squint specialists in Mumbai for it helps strengthen your eye muscles, improves vision and focus.

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