At present days there are a lot of freelancer marketplaces available on the online. The popularity of freelance work is increasing day by day. Now days, Gigs4five is one of the most growing freelance market places. Today I am discussing how can you optimize your services on Gigs4five ;
Here is a list of the 7 different areas you can optimize:

1. Tags / Keywords / Category Inside your dashboard (in the ‘My Gigs’ section), you’ll be able to see the amount of traffic your gig is getting. If the ‘views’ & ‘impressions’ are high and the ‘clicks’ are low, skip to the next step, but if the ‘views’ & ‘impressions’ are really low, chances are good that you need to make some changes here. Gigs4five is pretty good at making sure your gig is in the right category and sub-category, but double check this anyway. The most likely problem, though, is with the tags/keywords you’ve used to help identify your gig. Do a quick search for the service you offer, and sort by ‘High Rating’. Choose a couple competing gigs and do a little research. Scroll to the bottom of their gig (all the way down just below the reviews). You’ll see the 5 keywords they’ve used as tags, each inside a little box. Make sure you’re using similar (or the same) terms, as you are all targeting the same potential customers. Once you’ve made these quick updates, you can then focus on converting your ‘views’ to ‘clicks’ (and sales).

2. Main Gig Image When potential buyers search for a service on, the first thing that grabs their attention is your main gig image. The right keywords will get you showing up in the search, but it’s the image that will draw them in. Make sure your image is eye catching, rich with colour, and stands out from the other search results. If you aren’t comfortable with graphic design, a (mostly take the guesswork out of it, and there are plenty of places to grab a high quality, royalty free image (such as Pixabay). Once your image catches their eye, the next thing they’ll look at is the..
3. Gig Title The image will grab their attention, but the gig title will confirm that your service is what they need. Your gig title should clearly describe your service within 5-9 words. I like to write one word in ALL CAPS to draw special attention to it. (For instance, the word PROOFREAD in a proofreading gig.) A good title will get them to click through to your..

4. Gig Description This is where you close the sale. Try to be as descriptive as possible, and add formatting (bold, bullet points, and highlighting) to draw attention to the main points. Tell them about the experience you

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Beethy Chang