Teeth that are symmetrically aligned gives you a more beautiful smile and more confidence. However, if there is any gap between the teeth, many people find it awkward-looking, especially when that extraordinary space is visible when you smile or open your mouth. These kinds of dental disorders can bring down your self-esteem, and make you feel embarrassed in front of other people. But you do not have to worry, though, because there are many ways to fill in the teeth gap and start appearing more confident.

Your dentist can recommend various treatment to fill that gap in your front teeth naturally and make you feel free to smile without any hesitation. There are several natural ways to fill these, but they are not very effective or long-lasting. Read on to know the best and most cost-effective treatments to finally fill and get rid of that gap in your front teeth.

• Dental bonding – This process uses a tooth-colored resin applied on the tooth and is later hardened using a special light. Once the gap is filled, your tooth will look natural and normal. The material used is stain resistant to some extent, but are not like crowns. The biggest advantage with this option is that it can be completed with just one dental visit.
• Invisalign braces – Bonding and veneers are good enough for small gaps. For bigger gaps, however, Invisalign is very effective in permanently doing so. Invisalign are clear aligners that help correct the teeth without being too obvious. They can be more expensive than conventional braces, but they are very effective in closing gaps and straightening crooked teeth.
• Veneers – Porcelain veneers can fill in bigger caps, and are much stronger compared to composite veneers. They are effective in areas where bite loads need to be considered. Composite veneers, on the other hand, can fill in small to average gaps between teeth. Compared to the former, the latter is less expensive and require minimal tooth preparation.
• Implants – For gaps that are too big, like those that are caused by missing teeth, dental implants are the best option. They are used to replace missing teeth, and are usually paired with dentures, bridges and crowns. Implants are made to match your natural teeth, and can be removable or fixed. During the procedure, artificial enamel tooth is inserted into the bone or gum.
• Retainers – Teeth retainers are mainly used for alignment, but they are also great in closing gaps between teeth, particularly gaps made by shifting teeth. Retainers offer a cost-effective way to get rid of gaps, but its process can take longer than other methods. In the future, you might have to occasionally wear your retainers to ensure that the gap does not form again.
• Orthodontic treatment – Depending on the condition of the gap in your front teeth, your dentist might suggest orthodontic treatment to fill it up. This process is used when closing one big gap will likely create other gaps in the mouth. With this option, braces are used to align teeth that are not symmetrical. Orthodontic treatment takes longer to complete than bonding fitting veneers, but it is just as effective. At the same time, it can also correct underlying oral problems like bite and alignment problems.

To determine the best option to fill the gap in your front teeth, it helps to discuss it with a reputable cosmetic dentist in your area. Your dentist can give a thorough assessment of your dental issues and help you figure out the best options for you based on your current oral health, overall health, and your aesthetic goals. In no time, you should be enjoying your new and improved smile.

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