This week’s radio show topic was “How Boring is Your Life”. We discussed how you can create the life you want whenever you choose to (so stop bitching to everyone about how shitty it is and do something about it).

Kimanzi Constable was back on the show, he is the author of two books: “The Everyday Working Man and Woman” and “The Difference Between Living and Existing” which is a self-published book that has sold over 25,000 copies. He is also a national speaker who helps people to stop making excuses and pursue their dreams. For ten years he worked at a job that he hated and now helps people get away from work that makes them miserable so they can find their true passion. You can find him at talesofwork dot com.

One of the projects Kimanzi is involved with that I just love is his website excitingfamilyjourney dot com that chronicles his family’s plan to move to Hawaii by the end of this year complete with financial goals and a vision of how they will earn income once they make the move.

This site reminded me a lot of when my wife and I decided to move with our three daughters to New York City to pursue our dreams.

There is something about just jumping off the ledge that makes you feel alive even if there are worries and reservations. There will never be a perfect time but you can’t make excuses like, “well I’m married now or we have kids to think about”, jump first and then you will have to learn how to fly. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a plan; Kimanzi does but you need to take action toward your goals and nothing motivates you more than the chance of looking like an idiot when you put your dreams in front of everyone to see.

Kimanzi discussed how he hated winters in Wisconsin even though he lived there his entire life. He hated shoveling snow even as a kid but stayed there anyway through his adult life. His life became comfortable enough to keep him there even though every year he thought about leaving. The tipping point came when some recent deaths in the family woke him up and made him realize he needs to start living the life he wants before it is too late.

It’s funny how so many of us can relate to this, we put up with all kinds of stuff that we don’t like; a job, living conditions and relationships even though there are a million possibilities around us that we can simply choose instead.

It’s easier to stay in an environment you aren’t really happy with than to take a big risk but ten or twenty years down the road that environment becomes a mundane and boring life. Why would you accept that for yourself?

We talked about how once he did put his intention out there for the world to see, all these things started happening and resources became available that allowed him to move forward toward the life he dreamed. Publishers contacted him out of nowhere with book deals and he just got booked for a few speaking engagements. It’s amazing how when you set the intention and believe in it, the universe responds in ways you couldn’t imagine.

Joanne Victoria called in; she’s been a life coach for 25 years and works with business owners to help them unleash the power of their minds and the passion in their hearts, to help them create the business of their dreams. She is the author of 8 books including: "Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams" and "Lighting Your Path - How To Create the Life You Want".
She actually takes a different approach and says boredom can be good. When you allow yourself some time to just do nothing, that’s when you can energize and even come up with great ideas.

People get bogged down with the mundane “to do” lists every day because the old lesson was “you should work 8-10 hours a day”. You may actually feel guilty for taking time to yourself but you need that time so the sub conscious can work for you while giving your conscious mind a much needed rest even if it’s just for a little while. You are actually more productive, creative and intuitive when you give your mind and body time to rest.

Tim gave us a good visual when he mentioned that his best ideas come when he’s in the shower.

The biggest take away from this show should be to realize that you can design your life exactly the way you want it if you have the trust, faith and confidence to do it. The problem is most people think life happens to them and never realize they can choose.

We had a caller say the best way to combat boredom was to escape with a book, a live show or a movie and I suggested that we instead create a life for ourselves that we don’t have to escape from at all.

When I asked my co-host Tim Cornett what his ideal life looks like, he said he’d get him some elephant skin boots and be surrounded with dogs each bigger than the next while women fought for position on the bed with the dogs.
My other co-host, John Wellington wanted a more quit and boring life because growing up he had the cops at his house twice a day. He just wants to walk around with a trench coat and flash people in peace when he gets older which he will make a daily routine.

At least those are very specific visions, they know what they want!

In closing the show, we talk about keeping relationships exciting in the bedroom most of which I can’t really elaborate on in this blog post (you’ll have to listen to the show here:

You can connect with our expert guests here: Kimanzi Constable at talesofwork dot com and excitingfamilyjourney dot com and Joanne Victoria at returntoyourtrueself dot com.

I love you all,

Dave Arena

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