Social media is now a key element for boosting your sales and marketing your products to a wider range of customers—and it’s more important for clothing and apparel brands than for any other business.

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We are living in a post-pandemic world where, in just a few taps, anything can be delivered to your doorsteps. And according to a 2019 survey about the United States' online consumers, about 72% of people discover new products and brands through social media channels.

Fortunately, Banch Marketing is here to help new brands navigate this evolving territory! Here’s how. 

Boosting brand presence 

Banch Marketing is a marketing agency that identifies your business’ needs and delivers the results that you want. They have worked with many apparel and clothing brands and know how to market clothing products: By making social media marketing their focal point, they have increased sales numbers for brands like God the Father by up to 235%.

God the Father is an apparel and clothing brand that started in November 2019. Despite the ongoing pandemic, they grew bigger and better with an amazing marketing strategy. Drew Urqhart took charge of the brand’s marketing efforts from the very beginning and consistently promoted products through social media. 

The website initially underwent two redesigns in just five months (which might seem like a lot), but it was necessary to engage customers and maintain their interest. Along the way, Drew was dedicated to making posts on Facebook and Instagram and gained more than 80,000 followers in the first two years

Increasing conversion rates 

Increasing your social media outreach can improve your marketing results immensely. As you earn new followers, you will subsequently receive more website visits—which can turn into sales. 

Using this strategy, Drew managed to sell more than 100,000 pieces of God the Father apparel. The brand reached the 2 million mark in just two years and its team successfully achieved an impressive conversion rate of 2.7%. 

The Facebook ads run by Banch Marketing also played an important role in helping the GTF team reach this amazing record. The tracking pixel, which is designed to target interested buyers, was installed from the get-go and used broad and general-based targeting. After the brand crossed 100 orders, its customer list started growing exponentially and hasn't stopped since.

Leading the industry 

Now, this is just one example of an apparel brand that Banch Marketing helped build from scratch. The secret to their success? Well, they simply love creating brands and they work hard to achieve the results that their clients want. 

Of course, social media marketing is their core strength—especially when it comes to clothing and apparel brands. From redesigning Facebook and Instagram ads to tracking their progress, they understand the importance of consistency.  

To learn more about Banch Marketing’s services, successful case studies, and the team behind them, click here to visit the company’s website. 

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