We all have goals and aspirations for the future. If someone were to ask you, for example, where you see yourself in 20 years, you may pause for a bit, but soon you would be able to come up with a list. The problem for many of us is that we haven’t given much thought as to how we are going to achieve the future we dream about. Most of us plan for the future financially, investing in retirement plans or mutual funds, but is that all we need?

When I think about my future, financial security is but one element that I consider. I think about enjoying life, being able to spend quality time with family and friends, seeing the world, and remaining in good health. When I look at the list of things I want for my future, there isn’t one thing on that list that I don’t want for my life right now!

It’s amazing how many things we put off for another day, or “some day”. Why do we put off our happiness when we could be happy right now? We find all kinds of excuses for why we can’t realize our dreams in the present moment: there isn’t enough time, enough money, or the stars just aren’t aligned perfectly. If you are looking for reasons not to pursue your dreams, there will be plenty of them out there however it begs the question, how bad do you really want this?

If you really want to achieve your goals and dreams, there shouldn’t be anything that will stop you from pursuing them! In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, his chapter on persistence provides many examples of people who confronted obstacles in pursuit of their dreams; however they were unwilling to see these challenges as stop signs and persevered until their reached their goal. When you think about most of the successful people in the world, they didn’t achieve their accomplishments overnight. They knew what they wanted and kept their focus, regardless of what was thrown at them.

Many of our dreams and goals may not be things that can be realized overnight. That doesn’t mean that we can’t start working towards them today! What better time is there? Consider how much you could accomplish if you dedicated an hour or two each day towards one of your goals. Setting short-term goals or benchmarks towards your long-term goals can assist you in seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It will provide you with a sense of accomplishment which will help you to maintain the momentum to push through any challenges that come your way.

The reality is life is short, and as much as we don’t like to think about it, our time in the physical realm is not guaranteed, so why do we think we have the luxury of putting off our dreams to some far off date in the future? If today was your last day on earth, would you be at peace, knowing that you lived your life to the fullest, or would you panic, upset because there was so much more that you wanted to do? I know that I do not want to live a life of regret, or with a sense of incompleteness. I am enjoying every part of the journey and I am working towards the achievement of my goals now. “One day” has become today, and I am thrilled to discover joy and happiness in each present moment!

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Dawes is a certified Life Coach with her own practice - Embrace Your Destiny. The passing of her father inspired a journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment, with many lessons learned that she wants to share with others who have found themselves facing similar challenges. A student of A Course in Miracles, she is also inspired by the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay, to name a few! Visit www.embraceurdestiny.com for more information.