Blankets looks amazing and they are a pleasure to use during the cold winter times. However, just because they look simple, that doesn’t mean the blanket manufacturer process is easy to go through. If anything, creating a blanket requires quite a lot of work. However, most manufacturers have managed to minimize the steps in order to make the entire process a lot easier.

How can you create fleece blankets?

In order to create the blanket, you will need to have the best materials on the market. That’s why most factories acquire the necessary fabric from raw material providers. They need large volumes of a consistent quality, and that can be hard to acquire on their own. That’s why having a fabric provider helps quite a lot in this situation.
Every blanket manufacturer factory has its own measuring and cutting machines. The idea here is that all threads and fabric are measured and then cut accordingly. There are some very specific factory guidelines to follow for every fabric and how you cut it. These are added to the machines to every cut is identical and there are no changes.

Once you have all the fabric and threads in the right dimensions, you need to sew them. Most factories have high volume sewing machines. These will automate the entire process and make it easier for you to achieve great results without that much of a hassle.

Then all products have tom go through a quality check. Most of the time the factory will vacuum products in order to ensure there’s no shedding. And you also have some special treatments that the factory has to perform, depending on what fabric is used for that particular blanket to begin with.

Although most factories work on high volume orders, they also create special batches with personalization and other features. The interesting thing here is that in order to do that, most factories will create special matrices that will be embedded onto the customized items. That way the process won’t take a lot of time and the overall quality will bring in a lot of consistency and great results. Sometimes the customizations can also be embroidered, but that differs based on the customer requirements.

How are recycled wool blankets made?

Since a lot of factories want to protect the environment, many of them reuse some of the fabrics to create recycled wool blankets. You do have to wonder though, how can you create this type of blanket? Many factories have the process already nailed down, so here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

In the case of these blankets, all the offcuts are collected right from the factory floor. There’s a lot of scraps and trimmings or other stuff that gets thrown here. But then again, you can still receive a pretty good value in the end, and that’s what makes recycled wool blankets great to begin with.

The next step is to shred the offcuts. This will result in lots of fibers that have the same shape and size. Once that is done, the fibers need to be carded. The carding machine will clean fibers and that will help prepare the fibers for spinning them in the yarn. This isn’t a very complex process, but it can be very time-consuming, so try to keep that in mind.

At this point the most important thing is coloring the blankets. That’s where the need of dyeing comes into play. The blankets are dyed either before they are woven of afterward, depending on the situation. A good idea is to do that beforehand, but if you can do it afterward it will work just as nicely.

Weaving is an important part here because it uses looms that have a very specific tension. These are important because they create an even surface. The fabric is then milled and the final touches are applied to complete the process.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to create blankets. But the interesting thing is that despite adding in a lot of automation into the mix, blanket manufacturing is still widely focused on using talented professionals. This is a great thing, and it brings in front a lot of value and quality. As you can see, manufacturing blankets is quite demanding, although factories got to simplify the process quite a bit. It’s a great way to see how everything comes together. So yes, just because an item is very simple, that doesn’t mean creating it will be a simple task. It’s actually quite complex!

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