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Ancient Chinese medicine is designed to rectify ailments internally, not just topically.

This means a person’s exterior, including their face, is affected directly by the overall health of their internal organs. The actual science of this is called physiognomy and has existed for thousands of years. In the areas of facial sagging and wear there are correlations to internal organs.

Because of this, treatments will address the internal body as well as my face, and as every session is tailored to the patient’s specific needs and a thorough history and exam is given.

Often, imbalances in spleen and kidney qi or energy result in laxity and sagging of the skin.

The spleen is the central organ in the production of ‘qi’, a force or energy that controls the workings of the human mind and body, meaning a happily functioning one is critical in supporting the long-term health of an individual. The kidney is the root of the body’s life force energy and will be reflected in the health of all organs including the skin.

First will come a facial massage to wake up the face and map out trouble areas, and concentrating specifically on activating the client’s meridian lines (the pathways via which the qi flows) and testing for pressure points.

Facial acupuncture with collagen induction derma-rolling combines traditional acupuncture and advance micro-needling.

It enhances the production of collagen – that fibrous protein that keeps us looking young – and which unfortunately declines as we age, rolling out the welcome mat for wrinkles.

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The combined procedures also significantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firmness, enlarged pores and acne scarring. They also help increase blood circulation in the skin and improve natural cell regeneration.

Thus the popularity of the acupuncture facial as a “natural” alternative to the Botox and fillers which simply “paper over” the signs of ageing has reportedly seen it adopted by members of the Hollywood elite including Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

I use very fine needles and also electric acupuncture to relax some of the facial muscles.

Done properly, and consistently, facial acupuncture will take years off your face as well as benefitting your health holistically. Please call us at 847-577-4455 if you would like to schedule a session. Next week: join us for a discussion about an herb that actually weeds out cancer cells. Do NOT miss it! Sign Up or Like us on Facebook. My special report this month is The Statin Scam…important information for certain.

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