In a world driven by connections and collaborations, networking has always been and remains the most powerful tool on the way to success. Right connections can open doors to numerous opportunities if harnessed effectively. As long as we live in a world with people, connections will always push towards success and GuyWay knows it!

GuyWay Events is an event management and event organisation agency based in Dubai, which stands as a testament to the impact of networking on development. Since its inception in 2020, GuyWay has been leveraging the power of networking by organising numerous events with large and small companies in Dubai, hosting MeetUps, providing top-tier PR support and steadily creating a thriving community. The founders of the company Guy Yanpolsky and Valeria Yanpolskaya have set a goal to build a strong community in Dubai and made a huge effort to achieve it.

One of the most notable results of such successful networking has become a series of WOW Summits on Web3, that have been held in 3 countries and attracted numerous investors, crypto enthusiasts, startups and tech professionals. So how did the GuyWay company manage to achieve triumphant success?

In this article, we will elaborate on some of the key steps that one should follow to keep widening your networking list.

How To Build a Successful Long-Term Connections: GuyWay's Recommended Tips

a) Engaging in the Relevant Events:

Attending events is crucial for building connections. Social gatherings provide opportunities to meet like-minded people, industry experts, and potential collaborators. You may find people who may contribute drastically to your business, or you can become a light in a room for someone who looked specifically for your skills or your company. Let’s imagine a large company attending a technical event, Web3 summit or Real Estate meetup and your company happens to produce or provide services that they urgently need now. What a coincidence. For such "coincidences," GuyWay since 2020 has been organising many MeetUps, Summits, parties and other social gatherings for the companies. We know that all the companies rapidly move online, but the genuine trust, exchange of ideas, and understanding that one can establish during personal casual interaction, is what actually moves the world.

b) Supporting People, Startups, and Companies:

Supporting people, startups, and companies is crucial for networking because it fosters an ecosystem of collaboration, innovation, and growth. It sort of builds a “you help me, I help you'' dynamic. For example, startups often bring fresh perspectives and disruptive technologies, driving advancements across various industries. Thus, supporting startups may become a fruitful investment and build loyalty that cannot be bought. The GuyWay team constantly builds a business network where companies work for their own benefit, as well as for the benefit of the community. The GuyWay team supports startups, guides expats in Dubai and finds solutions for all within a community. This approach helped GuyWay build strong relationships and establish trust with the people they supported.

c) Emphasising Long-Term Relationships Over Money:

Prioritising long-term relationships over money fosters trust, loyalty, and sustainability, benefiting both personal and professional spheres. Genuine connections lead to repeat business, referrals, and fulfilling personal bonds, highlighting the enduring impact of human relationships on our well-being and success. GuyWay recognizes that networking is not a one-time transaction, but an ongoing process not only in an event management industry but for the business world in general. The company has placed importance on nurturing long-term relationships, prioritising mutual benefits over short-term gains. The small community members who connected with GuyWay in 2020, have since become great friends and constant speakers at the company’ MeetUps, summits and business workshops.

d) Adding Value and Constantly Evolving:

Building a successful network requires more than just expanding connections; it's about being genuine usefulness. By providing support, expertise, and assistance, one fosters trust and reciprocity among members. Being useful creates a mutually beneficial environment that fuels growth for everyone involved. That is why GuyWay believes in the high quality of their own work in the event industry. It is not enough to know people, you should also always be the best at what you do. In addition to excelling in their core tech services, GuyWay continuously sought opportunities to diversify their skills and interests. This allowed them to contribute to a wide range of projects within their network, adding value to every collaboration. Their personalised approach to event management has set them as one of the greatest event management agencies in Dubai.

The success story of GuyWay stands as a testament to the transformative power of networking. By actively engaging in events, conferences, and MeetUps, GuyWay created a strong community that has propelled the company to new heights. An emphasis of the agency on long-term relationships, support for others, and commitment to adding value has made them trusted and respected partners within their network. Aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses in Dubai can undoubtedly learn from GuyWay's journey and leverage the power of networking to pave their way to success!

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