Keeping your face fresh and clean at home is easy if you know how. It’s simply a matter of choosing quality skin care products proven to protect and nourish your skin, following a regular skin care routine and avoiding all those skin-spoiling bad habits.

Easier said than done? Well here are a few facial care tips from La Spa that are sure to make things that bit easier for you – and your skin!

Cleansing Care

  • Taking care of your skin care tools is just as important as taking care of your skin. Replace cleansing cloths, pads and brushes regularly (or clean them if possible) to ensure you are not spreading bacteria and causing more harm than good to your skin.

  • When using cleansing products make sure your skin is not left feeling dry after use. Gel based washes and cleansers should be well emulsified with water in order to avoid skin becoming dry. Always follow your cleansing routine with a moisturising ritual to keep skin hydrated.

  • When cleansing your skin, use an organic face cloth. Cotton pads can be used to remove makeup but they don’t really clean skin. For a proper clean use a face cloth with tepid water and your cleansing lotion of choice. Make sure you clean the cloth regularly to avoid a build up of bacteria.

  • Avoid touching your skin too much throughout the day, particularly if you are prone to oily skin. This is because your fingertips, however clean, produce a build up of oil and touching your skin, particularly when wearing make up, can create the perfect opportunity for a nasty spot to present itself! For the same reason, avoid using your fingertips as a tool when applying foundation. Use a clean make-up application brush or disposable sponge.

  • Keep skin looking fresh by keeping it hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and make sure your diet includes foods that are vitamin and nutrient rich to support healthy skin function. Most health guidelines recommend getting at least eight hours sleep a night to keep skin in optimum condition – so hit the lights!

Facial Care Products

We have three fabulous facial skin care lines available in our salon…

  • Voya

    With organic seaweed sourced from Strandhill in Sligo, Voya promise a thoroughly detoxifying product suitable for all skin types. In addition to Voya facial products we also stock Voya’s organic muslin cloths.

  • Kerstin Florian

    For a truly relaxing facial experience try the KF line of facial products. Using thermal mineral water, mud, algae, herbal extracts and essential oils, these facials are best used when you have the time to really unwind and enjoy the experience.

  • Image

    If you’re looking for serious results – whether it’s to deal with an acne problem or the signs of ageing – the Image range of skin care products will have something for you.

  • To learn more about La Spa’s range of fantastic facial care products or to find out about the facials we offer in-house, check out our website. So what’s your skin care routine?

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