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I realize that this article is a week late. Mike, my fabulous assistant was injured and had to have emergency surgery last week. I didn't even have time to post a postponement for you all. I'm sorry....

Of all the wonderful beauty products I use from my site here, I think this is one of my favorites. This Beauty Bar wand just energizes your face, aids circulation, lifts the skin and helps your beauty products and serums penetrate deeper into the dermis. seriously what more could you want? I own two and suggest buying two so that you can do both sides of your face at the same time. At our prices this is a steal! Best on the internet-lots of crappy imitations out there and FREE Shipping. Great Gift idea or stocking stuffer! Just $19.99 each and FREE Shipping. Buy now as quantities are limited!

Another amazing product that is a professional product is the Time Master Pro. This product is sold out everywhere. We don't expect to be able to ship until after the 15th of December but that does not detract from its value. Every Master Esthetician in the world is raving about this Korean invention. This ultrasound machine causes waves to vibrate the surrounding skin tissues known as the cascade of intracellular communication. In lay terms it strengthens and lifts the skin like no other device. Currently, all our purchased and back orders have shipped out and been delivered. We are not expecting a shipment until after December 15th so I would not guarantee having it for the holidays. Still and all it is worth the wait. Our clients have been thrilled at the quality and efficacy. Even at the hefty price: $699 FREE shipping. Order NOW to avoid a long wait.

Last, but certainly not least is our trial size of Lazarus High Potency CBD Oil. This is the real deal and a product i have used personally and written two articles about. There are many CBD's out there most of them without much value. This one is highly effective. I have experienced 100% satisfaction with our clients and myself. This would make an excellent gift for someone who is experiencing holiday anxiety or who would like to try CBD oil to see what their response would be. It does have an earthy taste but no one has complained... it is $40.99 for a small trial bottle-750MG.1/2 ounce. FREE Shipping-highly recommended!

Next week join me for a discussion about intermittent fasting and it's benefits. You won't want to miss this! Sign UP! so you don't miss a thing. Don't Forget to visit our store where we offer hundreds of professional products at great prices and FREE shipping. Thank you! See you next week and best of health!

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Dr Taryn DeCicco ND, LAc, LDN of Apple A Day Clinic in Arlington Heights, IL has been practicing Naturopathy, Nutrition, and Acupuncture as a holistic doctor, specializing in acne, skin, digestive disorders, and HPV for over 20 years!