Not feeling the holiday spirit this year? Feng Shui principles can help you create a joy-filled holiday season. Although our society tends to compress much positive energy (good Feng Shui) into the last six weeks of the year and forget about all of that great energy by the second week of January in the New Year, it’s possible to extend that positive feeling year-round.

The positive uplifting energy in the lights, sounds and colors of the holiday creates the desired result of a more merry Christmas, a happier Hanukkah, or happier New Year. This is the type of energy that helps reduce stress, increase joy and provide you a reserve of good memories to take you into the New Year. This is the one time of year most people put aside the negative energy and the doom and gloom to allow all of this wonderful positive energy we call joy, peace, love and hope into our lives.

Feng Shui uplifting principles for the Holidays

The list of positive energy creators during the holidays should be as long as possible because personal positive energy is not “one-size-fits-all.” The list below covers some of the basics on how to create more uplifting energy. As you become more observant of what works for you, keep adding to this list.

Sounds of the season set the tone. Music is one of the holiday’s first positive energizers to appear during the season. Many beautiful, inspirational and fun holiday songs usually relegated to being heard only once or twice a year should be played often – all day long if they inspire you. And don’t feel limited to playing this type of music just during the holidays. It carries the same uplifting energy at all times of the year. However, there are thousands of other fun, inspirational pieces of music that carry the same uplifting energy so make a list of both holiday and non-holiday music that helps your spirits soar.

Lights Brighten Your Days. Spirits are lifted immediately when the outdoor and indoor decorations are hung, placed and displayed with great care. Add to these candles that burn brightly, and your mood will lighten up as well. Lights and candles are filled with a warm glowing positive energy that is uplifting and further sets the scene for the holidays. Since candles are not relegated to just the holiday season, they are another tool you can use throughout the year to provide joy-filled uplifting energy. When you light a candle its energy radiates and fills every corner of the room, much like that of throwing a pebble into a lake and observing the ripples that reach further and further out. Let your candles burn brightly during the holidays and throughout the year for uplifting energy.

Color Provides a Full Spectrum of Energy. All colors are filled with much-needed positive energy. For example, red provides high active energy while blue contributes calming energy and green exudes a peaceful healthy energy. Every color of the spectrum serves a purpose in lifting your spirits and bringing joy into your life.

Be sure to take advantage of color energy both inside and outside -- with holiday decorations and lights, candles, festive plants and accessories. Encourage positive energy and prosperity to enter your home with plants and lighting near your front door, in addition to welcoming guests to enter during the holidays and throughout the year. The bright cheerful holiday colors provide hope, joy, peace and love energy.

Take advantage of and enjoy every minute of this season so you can absorb its wonderful uplifting energy into your heart and soul. At the same time, be sure to use it as an example of the great positive energy that can surround you throughout the year.

It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate or where, what does matter is that they are memorable, enjoyable and filled with hours of loving good wishes, uplifting joy-filled energy that you can savor at the moment and throughout the year.

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