About Us
The Hiranandani Establishment School, Thane is a co-instructive, English medium ICSE school established in 1999 by the Hiranandani Establishment, an enlisted beneficent trust. It is gradually advancing into one of the best co-instructive english medium ICSE foundations in the country.
The school was established under the capable direction of our Late Pioneer Head, Mr. John S. Lewis. The school started with 102 understudies and 14 staff individuals on the first and second floor of Polaris working in Hiranandani Bequest, Thane.
In the year 2000 from Polaris the school was moved to the current structure which was initiated on Walk 21, 2001 by the then Legislative head of Maharashtra, His Excellency Dr. P. C. Alexander. In the year 2000-2001 the school had strength of 468 understudies with 30 staff individuals.
The school obtained its connection with the Indian Gathering for the Optional Training Assessment (ICSE) on December 30, 2006. The school has its temporary connection regardless the ISC on February 12, 2009.
Our Central goal
We sustain understudies to draw out their general improvement through morals, ethics, social mindfulness, actual wellness and scholastic greatness to assist them with becoming extraordinary residents of India and the world.
Our instructive program includes instilling a high cooperation, initiative characteristics, decisive reasoning and an imaginative psyche, making a limit with respect to deep rooted learning
Our Goals
To sustain future worldwide residents who decidedly contribute toward India's financial turn of events and world concordance.
To support a record of 100 percent outcome in the ISC and ICSE assessments and work towards raising the normal accomplishment level.
To give current and tried and true strategies in the study hall and electronic showing helps for more powerful and pleasurable growth opportunity.
To foster an interest to learn and the fearlessness to execute, through cooperation in scholarly, social, social and donning exercises.
To foster viable showing strategies and abilities through normal in-administration instructional meetings and persuasive projects directed by the school.
To energize nearer connects among home and school by planning with PTA (parent bunch) for Understudies' Government assistance.
Grants Authorization and Affiliations
Authorize by Public Certification Board for Instruction and Preparing (NABET)
Public Certification Board for Schooling and Preparing is a constituent Leading body of Value Gathering of India. Public License Board for Schooling and Preparing (NABET) as of late has amplified its extent of exercises and is attempting to coordinate its encouraging with Trademark of QCI for example "Making an Eco Framework for Quality".With the developing requirements of skillful faculty and sound professional instructional classes in different industry areas, NABET has been quickly growing its extent of administrations to take special care of the necessities of the business. NABET has laid out a system for the license of professional preparation associations and for expertise evaluation bodies.
Our Legal administrator - Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani
Building streets to progress in all fields has been his vision and energy. For greatness through try has forever been the mission of Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani. Nothing can be accomplished without going for the gold. Training is one of the interests of Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani and he is today the President and giving direction to numerous instructive establishments.
Something From Our Benefactor
Mark Twain once broadly said "I have never allowed my tutoring to obstruct my schooling".
For us Instruction is considerably more than a seat and writing board, and at HFS we pursue making this way of thinking a piece of our family, Our job as legal administrators is to give admittance to information that will engage and propel my understudies. A definitive acknowledgment will be that the educational plan is just a device to be utilized to accomplish more noteworthy information.
Using the best of east and west to convey quality training is our expectation and objective. We are glad to assume a part in forming the residents of tomorrow.
Our Legal administrator - Mr. Surendra Hiranandani
Mr. Surendra Hiranandani, the pioneer behind Hiranandani Upscale, is the designing virtuoso behind the Hiranandani Gathering. His capacity to change fruitless grounds into a portion of India's driving property improvements is phenomenal. His remarkable standing is upheld by his obligation to quality, advancement and execution.
Something From Our Benefactor
Mark Twain once broadly said "I have never allowed my tutoring to disrupt my schooling".
For us Training is significantly more than a seat and slate, and at HFS we pursue making this way of thinking a piece of our family, Our Job as legal administrators is to give admittance to information that will engage rouse my understudies. A definitive acknowledgment will be that the educational program is just an instrument to be utilized to accomplish more noteworthy information.
Using the best of east and west to convey quality training is our expectation and objective. We are pleased to assume a part in forming the residents of tomorrow.
Our Head
Instruction, down the ages has gone through a slow transformation; the chalkboard has been supplanted by Brilliant Sheets. Innovation has turned into a vital piece of the educational plan. Learning out of the homeroom has led to making the youngsters enthusiastic voyagers and run all over the planet.
Mens Sana Incorpore Sano' a 'Sound Psyche in a Sound Body', the HFS logo is profoundly implanted in the brain of each and every Hiraite.
With this experiential learning the natural qualities and standards of 'Figuring out how to learn' have stayed unaltered. Each youngster is sharpened and prepped to develop into a total individual.
Over the course of the years at HFS I have seen in our understudies an unrivaled information base, an energetic dynamism, an intense cognizance of their general surroundings and a profoundly engaged desire which turns into the main thrust of responsibility and the need to succeed.
We want your participation and significant counsel generally.
Mrs. Neelu Lamba
Head and Head of School
Hiranandani Establishment School, Thane
Pre Essential
The Pre-Essential Part of the HFS capabilities as a module with an unmistakable persona. Youth running somewhere in the range of 3 and 6 years old is an ideal opportunity to guide the kid tenderly from a smaller, secure and known climate to the obscure, consistently unfurling world, enduring a day to day existence time.

The kid should be furnished with the fundamental abilities that advance perception, acknowledgment, thinking, and actual coordination. These are accomplished by a firm faith in the soul of play that is at the core of our school program.

During the undeniable educational program of the Pre-Essential Segment, the kid gets a great stage to confront a group of people shamelessly. Round the year, the little children under direction get a knowledge into the multi-social country that is India, by facilitating festivities of significant celebrations, Show-n-Tell meetings, Ability shows, Congregations.

Kids' brains resemble PC's equipment. Their mind fosters the product by noticing, tuning in, taking part in genuine and significant exercises, for example, Instructive outings, Picnics and Science Niche displays. We sustain and guarantee there is a comprehensive improvement of this little programming.

The Essential classes follow the Indian Declaration of Auxiliary Schooling educational program and focuses on the comprehensive advancement of the youngsters concentrating on in classes I to IV.
Different exercises, for example, MUSIC, DANCE, Workmanship, Actual Training are remembered for the educational time table. Contests in Statements (English and Hindi), Craftsmanship, Music and Offhand (sexually transmitted disease IV) are led. Think Lab exercises are presented in sexually transmitted disease 3 and 4 to upgrade the abilities to reason in the understudies. Autonomy Day, Republic Day, Educators' Day, Organizers' Day, and celebrations around the year are commended with extraordinary energy.

The scholastic year comprises of 3 terms and the Understudies are surveyed through worksheets, exercises and term end LEVEL Measuring Activity each term.

OPEN DAY is directed toward the finish of each term.

The school timings for sexually transmitted disease I and II : 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm
The school timings for sexually transmitted disease III and IV : 7.20 am to 12.40 p
Educational program
The school year starts in June and ends in April. The course of the school stretches out up to sexually transmitted disease. X.

The school gets ready understudies for the Indian Declaration of Optional Instruction Assessment (ICSE). Customary participation is a necessity of the Chamber.

Subjects advertised
English I
English II
History-Civics and Topography Paper II
Math/Ecological Science
Science (Physical science, Science, Science)/Business Studies
PC Applications/Monetary Applications/Natural Applications/Business Applications
Expressions/Actual Schooling
Socially valuable Useful Work (SUPW)

Competitors are proclaimed fruitful on the off chance that they arrive at a recommended least total of imprints in the obligatory subjects while essentially accomplishing a credit in three subjects, which should remember the subject English and the pass standard for three subjects.

They should likewise pass in SUPW (Socially Helpful and Useful Work) with at least a 'C' grade.

Hindi is educated from sexually transmitted disease. I upwards; Marathi, the provincial language of the State is necessary from sexually transmitted disease. V to VIII.

Workmanship, Art, Worth based Schooling, Music, Actual Training, SUPW, Swimming additionally structure part of the educational plan.

The school has presented Football, B-ball, Toss ball, Cricket, Vaulting, Between House Matches and rivalries are held in this multitude of games.

Contests in Everyday Information, Address, Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis, Swimming, Music, Indian Dance, Discussing, Unrehearsed Discourse, hand Composing and Article Composing are additionally held.

June 29, 2009 a very important landmark in the history of HFS. It was the day when we commenced with the ISC Section. Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani and Mr. Surendra Hiranandani graciously honoured us by being present at a special assembly conducted on this occasion and addressed the children.

The ISC section comprises of the Science, Commerce and Humanities Stream. The first batch of ISC students passed out in the year 2011. We have an excellent faculty with Post Graduate experienced teachers who give absolute commitment to the cause of teaching to equip the children to ace the exams. A monthly test schedule is followed along with a monthly meet with the parents.

Classes for ISC begin from 7.20 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

The school conducts an integrated course for the IIT -JEE entrance examination preparation in collaboration with FIIT-JEE in the school premises.

Compulsory Subjects:

Optional Subjects:
Business Studies
Computer Science
Environmental Science

Compulsory Subjects:

Optional Subjects:
Business Studies
Computer Science

Compulsory Subjects:
Political Science

Contact Us

Hiranandani Foundation School, Wood Street, Patlipada,
Off Ghodbunder Road, Thane (W), Maharashtra, India
 Telephone: +91 (22) 4158 7300/ +91 (22) 2586 7300
 Email: hfsthane@hiranandanischools.edu.in
(for map - http://www.hiranandanischools.edu.in/thane/admissions.php)

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